What are we seeking?

What are we seeking?

Inner silence gives us the only real, lasting satisfaction in life. Without it, we feel unsettled, agitated, confused and frustrated. There is a general feeling that there is insufficient time for everything. Yet, we don’t know what we are supposed to be looking for—if there isn’t some destination we need to reach, why are we so frantic? What is this void we are feeling, which has us running in all sorts of directions?

Nowadays our attention is very much on environmental sustainability. So, is our destination a greener lifestyle? A fairer society? More jobs? Work/life balance? No more diseases? As Sahaja Yogis (i.e., those who practise Sahaja Yoga regularly), we want positive changes for the world, but we recognize that they are not sources of the inner peace and silence we yearn for. They are external things, which are not the ultimate destination we need to reach. On the other hand, when we arrive at the destination, we know all these external things are within reach.

A message from the universal collective unconscious is pulsating through our very core: to seek union with the All-Pervading, the source of inner silence, the reality. Those who are sensitive to this message, those who have not found deep, lasting satisfaction in life, those who cannot find peace with artificialities, are looking.

Some, on the way, are led to believe they should purchase spirituality and liberation, or that such knowledge is kept secret and available to a select few. Yes, there is a selection process in nature, but how could the evolutionary power want to create fewer instead of more fruits? How could this evolutionary power, the same power which sprouts seeds in nature and makes flowers bloom, be “exclusive” when it comes to sprouting the spiritual seeds within human beings? And how could this evolutionary power, which has evolved humans up to this point, now need to be purchased with money?

Our second birth, inner yoga, liberation, or moksha (many names have been used throughout history) is the destination, and the time for reaching it, is here. Hence, the feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction, agitation and confusion in the seekers of truth. Yes, in the seekers of truth, but not in the seekers of the mind, of ego, of power, material consumption, worldly achievements and sensual gratification.

In Sahaja Yoga, we recognize that spirituality is not—and can never be—a type of consumption. We are not publishers of books of wisdom, nor energy healers. In over 100 countries, Sahaja Yoga is taught in organized classes, but always free of charge.

No one can purchase the “technique”, because it is just there, equally available to everyone in this world. The word “technique” is used simply due to the lack of a better word—it could’ve been “steps” or “method”. When one learns how to walk or swim, perhaps they need to master some movements and techniques, but when the action becomes one’s second nature, he or she doesn’t need to think about it. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the same.

When one’s knowledge of the workings of vibrations become second nature, the so-called “Sahaja Yoga techniques” no longer exist. Likewise, the state of meditation can become part of you and your second-nature. It is not an artificial happening, but a natural—in the true sense of the word—effortless happening. In fact, “Sahaja Yoga” literally means spontaneous union—union with the Spirit and with the All-Pervading Power. So, while thinking that you are trying to learn some yoga meditation technique, what is really going on, is the happening of your second birth.

But again, Sahaja Yoga Meditation is different than other yogas and meditations. In many yogas and meditations, a certain path is followed, by which one aspires to reach the ultimate goal through discipline and years of practice. However, without the light of the Spirit, how can one know he or she is on an enlightened path and not another human-created path?

In Sahaja Yoga, the first happening is Self-Realization—the destination, —whereby the individual is empowered to see for themselves what the right path is, with the light of the Spirit. It is then the individual’s own prerogative whether to grow this light day by day, and cleanse oneself under the guidance of one’s Spirit.

We sincerely hope that Sahaja Yoga Meditation will bring you the inner silence and spiritual comfort you are yearning for. Sahaja Yoga is simple and direct from the heart, and the key is to open your heart to the experience. Please enjoy this website but also seek out the free Sahaja Yoga classes in your country. Meet us and you will know how this inner peace and nourishment answers all the questions.

Joanne has spent half her life in Asia and half in North America. She grew up in cultures with Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian and Christian influences. Sahaja Meditation allows her to appreciate how each of these traditions have brought spiritual depth to her life.

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