The 7 steps to become a Guru

The 7 steps to become a Guru

After getting our Self-realization, through meditation, we can become real Gurus (master) of ourselves. Moreover, we can share our inner achievements and knowledge with others.

As signs that we are growing in our Self-mastery, the following 7 aspects or dimensions should start manifesting in our lives:

1. We have to be our own master.

We have to rise above the temptations of lust, greed, and our channels have to be perfectly clean so that the Divine Power can work through us.

2. We have to be able to stay in Thoughtless Awareness.

When we see without thought, we become the witness, the Sakshi. When we watch without thought, there is no obstruction for absorbing the knowledge about that thing. Complete absorption takes place, it becomes our knowledge and it manifests joy.

3. Our Gravity must manifest.

In this state we become silent and our gravity acts like a magnet. We have to touch that depth inside us which can carry the Divine Power and manifest it. Without saying or doing anything outwardly, our powers manifest. This is how the Divine Power works within us.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: a motherly Guru

4. We have to achieve Self-Esteem through introspection. We have:

– powers of love
– powers of compassion
– powers of grasping things
– powers of creativity
– powers of giving realisation
– powers of salvaging mankind

We have to know that we are Gurus and we have to assume our powers.

5. Reach the state of Silence.

In any crisis we have to try and reach that axes of silence which makes us really powerful because we are not only in our own silence but in the silence of the cosmos. In this silence we are in connection with the Divine power which is working out the whole cosmos and this power works through us. This silence is a sign that we are definitely in the Kingdom of god and that God is looking after us.

6. The Guru Principle gives us Balance.

A Guru is not ascetic by nature, but he is so detached that he becomes ascetic. Nothing can tempt, nothing can disturb or trouble him, neither food nor money nor power. Nothing can dominate a Guru. Once this balance settles in, we become absolutely fearless because we know that nothing can bring us down because we are above all these things.

7. A real Guru is a motherly Guru, a sweet Guru.

A real Guru is different from classical Gurus. He has to use his power of love, Compassion and understanding. As we ourselves grew from the normal human level to a higher state, in the same way we have to give it to others. No harshness is required, we should have kindness, sweetness and concern towards others and be kind, understanding, patient and sweet.

With all this knowledge we have to become humble, to bow down like a tree laden with fruits. And this humility will give us that special edge which can penetrate into any heart.

Originally from Argentina, Alejandro learned from his studies in Journalism that although a story can be told in different ways, there is only one Truth behind it. Through Sahaja Yoga, he has found the key to discover the Truth within himself, and the light to live every moment in balance, to its fullest.

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  • Veni
    Jun 5, 2009
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    It is obvious that a real Guru should be the Spirit. It will be beautiful many to be transformed into perfect divine instruments, and to become the Spirit as soon as it is possible. It will contribute to the process of saving this world from destruction of the human ego.



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