The notable figure of Abraham Lincoln

The notable figure of Abraham Lincoln

“Now, whom do you respect?

People like Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln.

Everyone.. an American … should think of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln believed that everybody must have freedom and the government should be for the public, for the people.

Whatever he talked he practiced. Whatever he believed in he worked it out, and gave his life for it. That’s why he’s a great man.

Think of Mahatma Gandhi, they were not like Christ, Incarnations. Think of any great man..any one of the Saints.. they were human beings.

But once they knew this: the principles on which we have to live.. become one with the principles, .. do not compromise.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji

A letter from Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher

He will have to learn, I know,
that all men are not just, all men are not true.
But teach him also that
for every scoundrel there is a hero,
that for every selfish politician,
there is a dedicated leader…

Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend.
It will take time, I know; but teach him if you can,
that a dollar earned is of far more value than five found…
Teach him to learn to lose…
and also to enjoy winning.
Steer him away from envy, if you can,

Teach him the secret of quiet laughter.
Let him learn early that
the bullies are the easiest to lick…
Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books…
But also give him quiet time
to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,
bees in the sun, and flowers on a green hillside.
In school teach him
it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat…

  16th President of the United States. In office March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865

16th President of the United States. In office March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865

Teach him to have faith in his own ideas,
even if everyone tells him he is wrong…
Teach him to be gentle with gentle people,
and tough with the tough.
Try to give my son
The strength not to follow the crowd
when everyone is getting on the bandwagon…
Teach him to listen to all men…
but teach him also to filter all he hears
on a screen of truth,
and take only the good that comes through

Teach him, if you can, how to laugh when he is sad…
Teach him there is no shame in tears.
Teach him to scoff at cynics
and to be aware of too much sweetness.
Teach him to sell his brawn
and brain to the highest bidders,
but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul.
Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob…
and to stand and fight
if he things he is right.

Treat him gently, but do not cuddle him,
because only the test of fire makes fine steel.
Let him have the courage to be impatient…
let him have the patience to be brave.
Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself,
because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind.
This is a big order, but see what you can do…
He is such a fine fellow, my son!

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