Knowledge of Kundalini: Part 2

Knowledge of Kundalini: Part 2

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This article is useful for those who have already started learning Sahaja Meditation. Otherwise please consider learning online or at a local class.

I’m going to talk to you about Kundalini which is the pure desire within us, that manifests, awakes and gives us our Self-realization. This means that your desire is only fulfilled when you get your Self-realization. When it is not manifested, it is just dormant, it is still residual.

It has created the All within us. Unless and until you become one with the Spirit and get your Self-realization, you have not achieved the manifestation of this power and you will run and run thinking that you have not achieved or not found your goal. It will be there all the time, sleeping, but creating a vacuum within you. So, this power must be awaken to manifest, but when it manifests this power has got certain qualities.

Kundalini rises against gravity

The first quality is that it goes against gravity. You see, a tree rises and does not go down. So, a person has to be aspired by nature. If he is not an aspiring type, Kundalini does not awaken. It is like the food when it passes down to the stomach, it presses the sides of the intestines; by this pressure, this movement of going down takes place. Similarly, when the Kundalini starts and presses on the sides of the chakras, she creates a feeling of going higher and higher so that the chakras bounce upwards and all the heavy things go down. But the Kundalini rises higher and higher because it is like fire.

Kundalini burns out all that is bad, stagnating, polluting, diseased

Fire never burns downwards, it always burns upwards. She also looks like fire and she has the capacity of fire. It has the capacity of purifying and burning whatever can be burnt out. It purifies the things it cannot burn and burns all the things which are inflammable. It is similar to a house when we take to the garden all kind of useless things and burn them. So, when the Kundalini rises, she also burns the useless things, useless desires, all your ideas of actions, all sort of useless accumulations of feelings, ego and all nonsensical things which are obstacles. They can be burnt because they are not eternal but temporary. By burning all this, she enlightens the Spirit which cannot be burnt.

This burning is so beautiful that it burns out all that is bad, stagnating, polluting, diseased and cools down the system. Yet it is very interesting to see how this power of fire becomes the cool breeze. Electricity can give you a hot breeze or a cool breeze; you can transform one into the other like electricity can be transformed into magnetism and magnetism into electricity. When the Kundalini burns everything, we feel heat, but when she cools down, she is not reversible. It is a living process.

Kundalini purifies

The Kundalini within us speeds up the living process within us for our evolution. She purifies us like fire, not like water. Water never burns up anything but dissolves things. Supposing you put a color in some water. The water would absorb the color into itself. The Kundalini does not absorb the color, she burns, she destroys. She is pure, she cannot be polluted.

For example, if you put gold or silver into the fire, it will be purified. The pure form results. But if you put gold or silver in water, nothing will happen. At the most, you wash them on the outside, but you do nothing to the inside. With the Kundalini, you can purify yourself inside and out. The face also looks beautiful and radiant. New bright face. It is not pale or ugly with sunken cheeks, or hot and red, but it starts shining. That is what the Kundalini gives you.

The Kundalini also resembles molten iron. Have you ever seen white-hot iron? They take a bar of iron and they heat it up until it takes on all the colors: that of brass, of pewter, of gold … it shines with all these colours like a furnace. But it is a fire that burns very silently, very very silently.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

to be countinued..

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Ozge Ozkaya is from Turkey and he enjoys compiling articles for He loves playing soccer, watching movies and meditating whenever is possible. :-) He has been in the beautiful world of Sahaja Meditation since 2000.

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  • Trinity117
    May 18, 2009
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    Dear Mother,
    How long have i search for you,first was with my mind,then my heart,then my soul found you,when i thought i would not of found you.
    Now my spirit rejoice as i learn and open my love to the infinite occasions to be one with you.Divinty in all for all above all.Oneness with force that really exist on the plane we call Earth.I surrender to you and release to you with love as you carry me to the boundless world which we can let go and be truly free without worry of judgment mother,as i’am truly blessed to be in your presence.So i give thanks to the essence and the source of my being anf the wonderful brothers and sisters which i will encounter on my journey to blissfulness.I thank thee and bless thee.I wish and envision a better place where we will seek the knowledge and share its fruits so mankind can be truly
    know and share the beautiful energy i call the Mother.
    Trinity 117



  • Augustine Menyani
    Sep 10, 2010
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    Dear Mother,

    Peace be with you. I ve been meditating for over eight months now. Since late May i ve been going through challenges such as financial, debt, court battles. but one thing for sure is that i ve always felt at peace despite these challenges. my Kundalini has been my guard rock, i ve triumphed, i am always smiling, very health, with shiny face.

    the Kundalini is my pure spirit that, despite the challenges, i ve not failed in any way.

    Shri Mataji, your are my greatest.

    Augustine Menyani
    Lusaka, Zambia



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