The inner transformation takes place

The inner transformation takes place

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This article is useful for those who have already started learning Sahaja Meditation. Otherwise please consider learning online or at a local class.

Before the awakening of the Kundalini energy, any human being is basically has a “left sided” or a “right sided” temperament.   A “left sided” temperament means someone who constantly thinks about the past:  what was bad in his life, how good were the old days, he feels dissatisfied with his life all the time or he keeps on feeling guilty about his actions but does nothing about it.

On the other hand, a right sided temperament is the one who is over active, over ambitious, planning all the time thus losing the joy of spontaneity in life. Such type of people tend to be very harsh on themselves and people around them.

But as soon as the Kundalini rises all the feelings of anxiety and dissatisfaction are dissolved, person feels complete peace within himself and above all the thought process slows down and even stops. This helps the brain to relax. Imagine a mind which is not bombarded by thoughts!!!!

Also during the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation the desire for alcohol and tobacco are curbed and one can get rid of these habits very easily if one has the right desire.

Bad temper and hastiness which comes from a hot liver or a liver which is overworked comes down to a considerable extent. Blood pressure is under control and the person starts having a positive attitude towards problems in life.
The ability to communicate effectively increases as the person is a more focused personality and due to the opening of a chakra between the eyebrows gives the person a strong sense of discretion between the right and wrong.

The quality of being diplomatic manifests in the individual and in this way he finds solutions to sometimes very tricky situations in life.

In this way one can lead a life which is balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually because anything which is not in balance is thrown out in the course of evolution.

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