Knowledge of Kundalini: Part 3

Knowledge of Kundalini: Part 3

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This article is useful for those who have already started learning Sahaja Meditation. Otherwise please consider learning online or at a local class.

Let us now talk of the sound of the the Kundalini, of the way she creates sounds. In the Vishuddhi (throat) she creates the sound of all the vowels in the Sanskrit language. In the English language there are very few of these, but in Sanskrit there are sixteen of them..

She creates sounds on all the chakras

She creates sounds on all the chakras. Firstly, she is Paravahni that one does not hear. At mooladhara then, the first chakra, there is no sound. When she comes to the stomach, the paravahni is beginning. Then at the heart, you can hear she beats exactly like the heart lop,lop, lop,lop. Then it comes to the Vishuddhi where it becomes a witness “pashanti”, the one who sees. This sound is the one with which we speak when it reaches the throat and becomes Vaikari, the coded information, the vahni, the language first coded and becomes decoded when it talks. After realization, the Kundalini enlightens the Vahani as it enlightens everything else, and mantras become enlightened. Before that, a mantra does not mean anything, it is like ordinary language. One whose Vahani is enlightened, whatever he says, comes true, whatever he asks for, happens even before he says something. The desire, Paravahni, coded information, becomes enlightened. That is why you get results and Mother has done it! The whole system works out this way ! This pure Kundalini creates beautifully. Without the purity, we cannot see anything. Anything that is dirty, you cannot see its beauty, its reality, but even if it is superficially purified or painted, still you cannot say “it is artificially painted” and you cannot see the beauty because this is transformed outside. But Kundalini burns out, turns everything into ashes and whatever remains is the pure gold of the Spirit within you.

Kundalini and Shri Ganesha

This is why the Kundalini shows her hot temper when people try to raise her by incorrect means. Actually, she never gets angry. If Kundalini were to get angry, such a person could not exist. It is Shri Ganesha, the deity of the Kundalini who gets angry and creates this problem of heat because she is fire and he is divinity.

Kundalini has to touch Sahasrara

The rising of the Kundalini is her nature. Her touching of Sahasrara is a very important point. If she does not touch it, the grace does not come within us on both sides, the Ida and Pingala. That is why you feel relaxed.

It is important for us to preserve our being before Self-realization. But we do not! We make mistakes. The Kundalini does not forgive us, she cannot. Only the Spirit can forgive. The Kundalini indicates your problems as she has to purify you. Cancer is caused by neglect of Kundalini awakening. Unless and until the Kundalini is awakened, we cannot cure cancer. If you have no aspiration, you can be cured but it is a very forced action and is not really natural. If we light a fire in a room where there is no oxygen, it won’t last. So, if this aspiration, this oxygen, does not exist within us, the Kundalini takes time to rise.

Kundalini burns all the guilt

Unless and until you are realized, you cannot keep the Kundalini up as she will go up and down. As a result of this, some people start feeling guilty. After realization, this guilt is a big problem because it is an escape and all the things which accumulate have to be burned out. All these things accumulated do not face the Kundalini and this is how the energy of the left side stagnates between left nabhi and left Vishuddhi. Allow the Kundalini to burn it all ! Do not build any kind of guilt.

Burn all these guilt, wrong ideas which always keep us down. It is like putting something around the neck, a heavy stone and saying: “I cannot swim!” It is a very big problem because the Kundalini does not know what to do for your left vishuddhi how to burn all these nonsensical things stored very nicely. What are you afraid of? The wages of sin is fear. So, if there is no more sin, then the fear should go away. The light is there but still you behave as if you were in the dark: “I cannot see, I am frightened!” If the light is here, see for yourself!

Give up that nonsense of guilt. If you feel guilty, even for one minute, just look outside, look at the birds, the sunshine, look at the beautiful nature which gave such beautiful colors, enjoy! And give up this miserable look! You should at least look like nice people! We should all sing, laugh, enjoy, there is nothing to feel miserable about. After some time, you will again feel obliged to act miserable. Joy is inexhaustible. I want you all to enjoy. Drink that nectar of your spirit. And forget about all the artificial problems that you have. Do not stop your progress by loading heavy things around your neck. Let the Kundalini take it. Everything which is heavy with you, she will burn it. But do not make yourself heavier with additional weight.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

to be continued..

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Ozge Ozkaya is from Turkey and he enjoys compiling articles for He loves playing soccer, watching movies and meditating whenever is possible. :-) He has been in the beautiful world of Sahaja Meditation since 2000.

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  • subhashini
    Apr 17, 2010
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    Good info about growing within…
    could u post info about R-vishuddhi?
    the only thing i know is…. techniques of PURE LOVE… like Shri Rukmini.
    She could put a ‘Tulasi’ leaf (a herb) and weigh Shri Krishna. that’s the power of Her love.



  • ashu
    Aug 25, 2010
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    i m diong sahajayaoga from last 1yr…………………….. now i wnt to increase my knowledge, so that i m able to give this knowledge to others ………



  • sagar V
    Nov 12, 2010
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    In the column- Kundalini has to touch sahasrara- there is a sentence written “It is important to preserve our being before…………….forgive us,she Cannot” and I want if anyone can elaborate on this point.
    I will be Grateful to him.



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