Knowledge of Kundalini: Part 4 – the AWAKENING

Knowledge of Kundalini: Part 4 – the AWAKENING

In the previous parts, we have talked about the historical sources of Kundalini and its qualities. In this last part, we will have the actual experience of the Kundalini awakening through an effective meditation technique which was introduced by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The result of this awakening is absolute peace, joy and effortless entry into the state of meditation. Kundalini awakening is the doorway to your true meditation. Lastly, Shri Mataji has emphasized many times that your pure desire is the only key to achieve this awakening.

When Kundalini rises and passes through 6 energy centres, one gets the state of thoughtless awareness and by regular meditation, ultimately, evolves into cosmic-consciousness. Then one joyfully leads a life of truth and peace.

Please turn your speaker’s volume up, and sit comfortable on your chair.  Shri Mataji will guide you along the video.

If you don’t feel any change in your awareness after this meditation, then don’t be disheartened and do try again. It sometimes take a while for the Kundalini to push aside the obstructions hindering it’s ascent.

If you did experience the deep pece and joy of Self-realization and/or the flow of cool energy in the hands or at the top of the head, it’s important to know the value of this experience.

This is the beginning of a fantastic journey into your own spiritual existence. It is a door opened to a new dimension of your awareness, which you can explore. If sustained through regular meditation, you will be able to feel your subtle centers (chakras), as well as the chakras of others, on your fingertips, and correct them using your spiritual energy (Kundalini).

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    very refreshing.the cool breeze flows so distintively.



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