How to: Do foot soaking

How to: Do foot soaking

Foot soaking is an important part of meditation and it has been recommended that anyone serious about progressing in meditation should foot soak every night. Salt water is particularly good for the cleansing the first three chakras.

This simple routine is one of the single most powerful methods we can use to help our meditation, and most people when they try it report amazing results in that they sleep better and awake more refreshed in every way.

footsoakingGet a bowl, and keep it exclusively for foot soaking. A plastic bowl will do. Fill it with enough lukewarm water to cover the ankles. Add a handful of salt and meditate in the evening with your feet in the water and hands palm upwards. Keep a jug of water and a towel beside you. After meditating, rinse your feet with the fresh water in the jug and dry your feet on the towel. Pour the water from the bowl into the WC and rinse the bowl with fresh water.

Those with excessive heat in the right side and liver can foot soak by putting only the right foot in a bowl of cold water. If you are keen you may like to try soaking the left foot in lukewarm water and the right foot in cold water.

For best practice, it is recommended to light a candle in front of you and to keep the eyes open during the meditation.

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  • manisha
    Sep 1, 2009
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    its very enjoyble reading all this
    thanks keep it up




  • bhuvan
    Sep 2, 2009
    comment arrow

    One point need to be mentioned here is – You should open your eyes while doing foot soaking.
    Also, for better results, you should have a fire element (such as a candle) infront of you while doing foot soaking.



  • admin
    Sep 2, 2009
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    Good points Bhuvan. The article has been updated.



  • angel
    Feb 16, 2011
    comment arrow

    is open the eye? i do it with closing the eye. So i did the wrong technique? pls advice. thank you.


    February 17th, 2011

    You can do both. The suggestion is to do it with open eyes..



  • rekha
    May 27, 2012
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    is it okay to footsoak 30 minutes before or after a meal? Or it doesn´t matter. Thanks.



  • kanishka
    Jun 30, 2012
    comment arrow

    how can i figure it out that i need to soak my feet in cold water or hot water? i am new to this.. please help!!



  • neha
    Jul 16, 2016
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    Foot soak should be done for 10-15 mins maximum not more than that.u can do it twice a days before or after lunch or dinner it’s ur choice



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