Meditation is like drinking

Meditation is like drinking

Meditation is like drinking the most incredible drink, drinking not with your mouth but with the top of your head… Amazing state!

This sensation is unique and still very recognizable by everyone who is a realized person. I know it is absolutely useless to describe it to those who have not yet experienced that blissful state, but this is something so powerfully beautiful that I just can not keep myself from singing praise to it!..

When I feel the cool breeze on top of my head (normally I almost always feel it, but it gets cooler and stronger while meditating) it feels absolutely real like a soothing and gentle shower coming down my head, cooling my brain… So pleasant… So dissolving… Everything goes away… No thoughts… No trance… No time… Complete awareness… And the absolute joy…

It feels like drinking – but not water. It feels like drinking some divine nectar – why do they always use that comparison in scripts? – It does feel like it!

I believe this is the most powerful state a human being is able to achieve without any outer influence (drugs, alcohol, training, hypnoses, etc.) – this is something I can achieve on my own!

At the moment of the total enjoyment and silence, bliss and spirit there is no desire left, there is nothing more to wish or to reach… Only after I am back to my daily life one thought keeps haunting me: “Why can’t everyone enjoy it the way I do???”

Luckily there are thousands and thousands of people who share that experience and enjoy it in the same way.

Are you the next one?

Axinia is a born Russian cosmopolitan, based in Austria. Happily married, works as a Human Resources Manager. Since 14 years she is practicing Sahaja yoga, in which she found the fulfillment of her dreams about personal and collective development. Axinia's love for beauty of Spirit manifests through her hobbies - photography and blogging. 1000 Petals

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  • Maarit
    Sep 30, 2009
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    Very well described! For me it also feels like putting the hot, heavy feet in the coolest and freshest water of that lovely mountain river in Cabella!



  • Avi
    Oct 19, 2009
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    Wow very nice 🙂



  • Rohit
    Oct 24, 2009
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    I like the way you write axinia, your experiences and even your thoughts are very very similar to mine.I got my realization under unique circumstances. I am actually the author of that article in your site “It happened to me one day”. and i remember your post there about you too feeling the scent of something like sandal when you got your realization. Actually sahajayoga is very versatile with different people having different beautiful experiences of the same thing, but your experiences are the closest to mine and this fact has humbled me very much.



  • axinia
    Oct 25, 2009
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    Thanks rohit, I remember your post and the wonderufl depiction of your experiences.

    I am only surprised by your words:”sahajayoga is very versatile with different people having different beautiful experiences of the same thing” – I always thought that the meditaion experience is more or less same with everyone in sahaja yoga. Since this is the experience described by all saints like Gyaneshwara, Ramana Maharshi, Dadu Dayal and many other who got Sahaja Samadhi…see my post:

    LOVE, axinia



  • rohit
    Oct 25, 2009
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    What I meant to say Axinia about Sahaja Yoga being versatile is that just like the fact that we are all human beings but still we have different faces and personalities, in the same way everybody experience more or less the same thing but the flavours are different because each one of us have our very own unique mother kundalini and so the taperecording is different. It is like the same ice cream coming in different flavors and that I feel is the beauty of Sahaja Yoga. It is also for the same reason why en masse realization posed such a big problem for so many saints but only Shri Mataji has been able to do it so far.



  • axinia
    Oct 25, 2009
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    I know that you mean, Rohit.
    Would be great to read the comments of other yogis on that…this is really interesting!



  • kvrgkraju
    Dec 4, 2010
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    Ms. Axinia,

    There are no bounds for my happiness on going through the article, by name, “Meditation is like drinking nectar’!!! This is exactly what, the self, feels for the last 4 years!!! This is what is sahaja yoga meditation is!!! According to me, “the meditation is to receive the cosmic energy through the Sahasrara from the cosmic whole ( Divine Mother-Virat Swaruup) into the system (Physical, subtle and causal) after Kundalini Awakening and opening of Sahasrara subsequent to the Self-Realization of an individual with the Grace of Divine Mother!!! Majority of Sahaja Yogis do not talk about this experience instead they talk about kundalini awakening and opening of Sahasrara and enjoying the vibrations all over!!! This experience of the absolute spirit should be felt in all the mundane activities as well as during sleep…etc.,, so as to become a 24 hrs. meditator!!! Then and then only the individual is called as a Sahaja Yogi according to the Mother, as the self understands!!! While receiving the nectar, one should fold the Tongue without touching the palate, in order to feel the cool breeze sensation joyously for ever!!!

    Thanks for sharing my dear sister!!!



  • mahendra
    Dec 10, 2010
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    This is the state of joy called NIRANANDA which comes spontaneously and can not be described in words.It is to be felt only. At this state ——-1) we feel our body , hand, brain full of vibrations,
    2)The thoughtless awareness comes spontneously
    3) We feel the union of self ( Atma) with Attention on sahastrara
    4) Our attention sticks at sahastrara and at that time we do not want to put our attention any where
    5) we feel the undescribable joy on the sahatrara
    6) At this time our mouth remain closed and our skin glitters and eyes shines
    7) At this state we feel the taste of divine nectar
    8) At this state, witness state comes spontaneously and we feel our state as SAMADHI



  • shailaja
    Apr 5, 2011
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    I like your article…the way you write….
    good one and good site….



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