What is Thoughtless Awareness?

What is Thoughtless Awareness?

Thoughtless awareness. The state I often refer to and regard as the source of amazing states of my being, like joy, bliss, ease of existence and love.

Thoughtless awareness has been described by Buddha and the Sufis of North Africa, as well as by Saints from India, such as Eknath and Gyanadeva.

It is a higher state of awareness which transcends the past and the future. Usually human beings are most of the time unable to enter into the present moment, because the mind is either thinking about the future (Ego) or the past (Superego). Interestingly, we are only in the present when we watch something in admiration, or enjoy some action to its full extent (like a child).

In the state of thoughtless awareness, we are free to think about whatever we want, but we don’t have unwanted thoughts in our mind at all — we have complete control over our mind. Our mind becomes very relaxed, yet completely focused on any task we need to perform in our daily lives.

Form an ordinary point of view, it is actually almost impossible to reach that state: how to have NO THOUGHTS? And still be aware? Be alert? Be efficient?

The trick is that it is indeed possible and relatively easy to achieve, BUT NOT THROUGH THE HELP OF THE MIND! To tell you the truth, most of the meditation/self-help/yoga techniques make me laugh, as they are geared towards controlling your mind with the help of your mind. Isn`t it absurd?

My experience tells that Self-realization enables one to enter into a new dimension (physically verfiable!) where one can easily go beyond the mind. With me it works this way: I feel the cool breeze over my head, which relaxes the scalp and then somehow the brain. It is absolutely real because I can not force it and sometimes I do not feel it, or I feel a warm breeze – and even if I want very much to have it the other way, I just can not influence that. It is just there – or it is not. It is like the 7th sense!

When I feel it clearly, it is incredibly enjoyable (like drinking the divine nectar) and at this moment I just can not think. I am aware of the surroundings but the power of joy and love is stronger. And if I am lucky to enjoy this pure state for 5 minutes, then I feel charged with tremendous powers and billions of watts of love…

Of course we need to think in order to perform our jobs, to achieve something in life, but that king of thinking is different than incessant rambling of the mind.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that as many people as possible could experience that absolutely incredible state of being. Then we would definitely have far less stupid ideas floating in the air and causing wars, hatred, envy, lust and greed.

And one more thing: in the state of thoughtless awareness, you are resistant to any type of brain-wash! Like in a fortress: still, powerful and truly free…

Axinia is a born Russian cosmopolitan, based in Austria. Happily married, works as a Human Resources Manager. Since 14 years she is practicing Sahaja yoga, in which she found the fulfillment of her dreams about personal and collective development. Axinia's love for beauty of Spirit manifests through her hobbies - photography and blogging. 1000 Petals

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  • Nancy
    Oct 20, 2009
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    Thank you very much Axinia for sharing!. Would you please give us an insight of your state of mind, attitude or feelings prior you reach the thoughtless awareness. Any suggestions that would be helpeful besides the ones we already know?



  • axinia
    Oct 21, 2009
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    Thank you Nancy, for this very good question. I don’t know if I will tell something new, but at leas that is what my personal experiences says.

    It is a great point about the state of mind, by the way. I came to a conclusion that it indeed has a lot to do with my ability to get thoughtless easily.

    1. FORGIVING POWER: I not only forgive easily, I just never feel offended. I understand that people will be people, they all have different ideas, and some have difficult lives or character…what to do? 🙂 I just keep this very tolerant attitude to humans. You may like to read my post on forgiveness: http://1000petals.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/why-by-saying-i-forgive-we-can-stop-thinking/

    2. STAYING IN THE PRESENT I do enjoy every minute of my life. Naturally. Not because somebody told me “you have to enjoy”. One can enjoy everything, literally, even the stupidity. I also noticed that most of the time I am very much in the present. Surely I do plan or think of yesterday but this is not dominating. For example, I almost never miss people – when I am at work, I enjoy my colleagues, when I am at home -my husband, in my free time – my friends. They call it “living life fully”, right?

    3. ATTENTION: I discipline my mind by asking every time I see it deviates from the present the question “Where is my attention now?”. It is a great question to ask oneself. My attention is the cool breeze on the top of my head. I see to it that I ALWAYS feel it (even if not always cool, but I must precept it. always).

    4. OUTSIDE IS THE SPONGE: I do not allow the outside world to influence me much. I NEVER watch TV. I use Internet a lot, but this is different because I have more choice and I am not being bombarded by the brainwash messages all the time. With my attention I can penetrate into the depth of the things and see what the reality is (very useful for understanding politics and economics). Never get obsessed with anything, like Obama 🙂 I try to see beyond, study the alternative sources. Never believe mass media. Beware of ads and all wellness-fitness stuff.
    Yes, I do not allow the outside world to influence me much. In fact, I prefer to influence it myself. There is a great quote about it by Gregoire de Kalbermatten:
    “In the case of homo sapiens, our being imbibes the outside world through constant sensations, impulses, impressions and conditionings. The outside world is the water, the inside world is the sponge. With homo spiiritualis, however the inner world and its energy, crystallized by the rising sap the Kundalini, is much more powerful. It is emitted from the personality of a realized person on the surrounding world and it subtly, yet effectively, influences the outside. The inner world is the water, the outside world the sponge.”

    These are the main factors that help me to keep my mind realtively light and clear, which naturally leads to the easy gaining of the Thoughtless Awareness state.

    Hope it was helpful 🙂

    LOVE, axinia


    April 20th, 2010

    axinia, Thank you for writing and sharing how you get thoughtless. It is so nice to find someone who has the same experience I have. I am just realizing when I got my quiet mind that I kept getting these waves of pure joy and almost overwhelming gratitude that almost knocked me over. It must have been Kundalini. It has been one year ago and I am aware of the background mind. Now life is like seeing things like a baby does things are fresh and new when we live in the now. Dee



  • Rohit
    Oct 24, 2009
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    brilliant!! I liked the way thoughtless awareness has been described by you. Actually i specialise in polymer chemistry and once my friend asked me a question in the laboratory ,what is the difference between thoughtless awareness and our normal sate of being and i just replied from my heart without thinking that before realization you are counting the molecules but after getting realized you become the molecules, you are one with the whole universe.



  • axinia
    Oct 25, 2009
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    Hey, Rohit, this is a good example 🙂



  • nilufer
    Dec 20, 2009
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    a reflecting mind while maintaining pure awareness> when we look at sth, we can become thoughtlessly aware and our mind reflects the depth of what we see…being able to stop and witness our thoughts, not to fight them. Just letting them go! Creativity flourishes!



  • thakur
    Mar 18, 2010
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    i start feeling the cool breeze on my head from very first day.i really feel good,Is that mean i got my self-realization and whats next now????or that’s the only thing happened( cool breeze) when one got his kundline awakened.


    May 4th, 2010

    You will continue to grow!



  • Nishant
    Jun 13, 2010
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    Thoughtfully Thoughtless 🙂

    The highest state of awareness transcends not only the past and the future but also the Present .This timeless state has been termed as “Kaalaateete” by ancient sages. We may perhaps call it ‘the amalgamation and elimination of the Present, Past & Future’?

    We don’t THINK, we let the Superego takeover our mind. It sure is a FeelGood feeling but there is no sense of belonging to our thoughts or even deeds, it just happens ‘by the way’ even as it becomes our innermost, spontaneous nature.




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