Why meditation for children

Why meditation for children

What does a parent, or an educator really wish for his children? Today there is a lot of attention on our children, it is different from the past because our awareness is developing quite fast and we all feel the parental and educational topics directly emerging from and tickling into our consciousness. We have this feeling inside and meditation certainly helps to enhance it on a wide perspective. This is what we mainly want for our kids: balance, happiness, a solid & kind personality which is fragrant in its own manifestations, special feelings of indescribable joy while guiding and supporting them.

We know that meditation is the tool to reach inner silence. This is not just the silence achieved without speaking or keeping quite. When the child does realize that this silence simply feels sooo good, he will automatically seek for it regularly, not only while quietly sitting crossed legs but also during daily activities and routine.

This silence is a real feeling which can convert into the most powerful anchor to reach on anytime he needs. If you are a parent or an educator who can truly observe the child from an healthy distance you will certainly recognize the moments in which he is indulging in meditation. The child will appear focused on some activity alone or with friends, or enjoying a process with enthusiasm and full energy. The maturation of an inner mechanism takes place into the child’s nervous system. He will understand that meditation is the most rapid and efficient method for developing and mastering his own abilities and choices. The more he will grow the more he will understand and get this feeling inside, relying on it always more frequently. That is the reason why the adults should put all beautiful efforts to support a dimension and environment of meditative mood. Like a plant asks for water or getting rid of dry leaves or for bamboo sticks to follow a nice path, at the same way a child asks for meditative attention and guidance to give out the most fragrant and juicy fruits!

What silence practically does to a child:

  • From silence he collects energy to speak out ideas, feelings, messages clearly and at the proper moment.
  • From silence he gets the necessary strength to convert the same ideas and thoughts, feelings and messages into constructive action at the playground, school time, mental and physical activities in general.
  • Silence is the source of knowledge to understand himself, his body, his transformations while growing and maturing thru the different phases of life.
  • From silence he gets the intuition to decide for the best thing in different situations later on.

Today we live in a worldwide society where a lot of people are developing a huge interest in addressing children and youngsters in their life. Be it on educational value, on creative level, on professional level, on collective international level. Plenty of organizations and clubs, charity associations and institutions plan about keeping children engaged in all kinds of sectors in order to stimulate their potentials, support their focus, channel their fresh energy and transmit them values. Meditation is the password to unlock the fragrance of the spirit of the children. Meditation gives a sense to everything they do and think. It is the fuel behind their “motor”. Any child can be good and talented at something but if he is of a meditative kind the flavor of his productions will be interestingly different. A child with meditative tools activated day by day will be equipped from his roots with the balanced knowledge truly needed to move on in our society. In wherever part of the world he lives, he will never create problems to be fought or solved by the others.


Radha aims from cozy Italy and finds Meditation in 2002. Her self discovery journey brought her to Hong Kong. Here she especially enjoyes a seaside walk with blu sky or a good hike.

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  • Charlotte Reznick PhD
    Oct 26, 2009
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    Wonderful article. My own work has been in teaching children mediation through accessing the power of their imagination to heal themselves and reach their full potential. I’m a Los Angeles based child educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA. I invite you to my website to listen to various guided meditation CDs I’ve created and my new LA Times best selling book The Power of Your Child’s Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success (Perigee/Penguin) at http://www.ImageryForKids.com



  • vinod nawab
    Oct 26, 2009
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    Yes, This is the only way we can mold as they should be. It depends on awareness & realisation of basics of responsibilities of parents and teachers to imbibe it as part of life and daily routine. The inner silence enhances thinking spectrum, which is beyond the textbooks and physical capacity.



  • radha
    Oct 28, 2009
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    Dear Charlotte Reznick, i am glad to receive a comment by a professional who is focusing with sensibility on children developmental matters. Imagination is indeed powerful: i was listening into your website to the voice sample of “climbing a mountain of success” and reading testimonials as of a little boy who feels greatly helped by your CDs to relax after school. I am also a certified children developmental psychologist in Europe, now dedicated to a more tech aspect of the field. Being so innocent and simple by nature and structure, the mind of a child can listen to and absorb anything an adult will tell and respond also positively in many cases. The young mind becomes used to be soothed and relaxed in certain ways and steps on those ways anytime it’s needed.

    In my article i stressed a lot on the meaning of the silence which is not a story, not a music, not a picture but it’s just silence. Something real and inborn that all children are provided with. Easily reacheable anytime and any moment. And also permeating the whole human psyche and the origin of the psyche itself. The simplest thing, free of charge and ecological. Like love. Love & silence are the same root and they are all a kid needs to feel continuously.

    best wishes, radha



  • Charlotte Reznick PhD
    Oct 28, 2009
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    I agree about the value of silence. I ease the kids into it with the Balloon Breath, that basic form of breathing 2-3 inches below your belly button. I suggest they do 3 breaths eyes open, then 3 eyes closed just to get a feel for it. Then I time how few breaths they take in a minute. Most kids can handle a minute. They can practice a minute at home on a daily basis, then 2-3 times a day, then we slowly expand the time. See pages 22-25 in my book The Power of Your Child’s Imagination for more ideas.
    All the best,
    Dr. Charlotte Reznick



  • Tina
    Oct 27, 2010
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    Dear radha

    I love your article. I wondered if you could give me your permission to distribute your article to the public. Because I wish every child have an oppurtinity to grow and become a good person through practice how to meditate.

    Yours faithful



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