‘Avatar’ Part 2 In Your Real Life

‘Avatar’ Part 2 In Your Real Life

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Imagine yourself starting to live in a world that is there but not yet there. Where everything works perfectly and there is a “network” established that is self-sufficient, beautiful and immaculate. It’s like the movie Avatar. You go into a world where everything works in a perfect balance and you are supported with everything that is around you – the plants, trees, animals, humans and whatnot. And where healing takes place through divine love and the power of the network.

If I were you, reading this article, then I would certainly wonder can such a world exist where we all cross boundaries between ourselves and Mother Nature to live in the true realm of the Divine. And, especially for a seeker of absolute truth and an ideal world, this would be a fascinating version of the truth.

Let’s now take it a step beyond the movie. If this new world had to co-exist with the real world and if the network could actually grow and help every member and if we could grow into a collective body that is there for everybody in every sense and constantly in support each other through divine vibrations that link us on this Earth with each other and mother nature – wow, it sounds amazing. But what is this going to be part two of the Avatar movie?


Again, if I were you reading this article I would start thinking, “Is this another sales pitch for another yoga program costing a lot of money?” Just so you feel comfortable, no, definitely not, there is no money involved. Speak with Sahaja Yogis and they will tell you how they are able to feel the Divine and the network they have created in this real world that is connected to the Divine. Ask them how they do it? The answer is: through vibrations.

Now what exactly are these vibrations? Well, it is such a beautiful feeling that makes you feel very light and relaxed with a cool breeze flowing over your hands and body when you are completely established with the Divine. Now where do these vibrations come from? The answer is really from within us and outside as well through the love of Mother Nature or the “network,” as we saw in the Avatar. Sahaja Yogis use vibrations in their lives every day to feel connected with each other, with this beautiful network of the Divine or Mother Nature, as you may call it. Believe it or not, they also use it to heal others and themselves. There is enough medical research done to establish the fact that Sahaja Yoga is a very practical way of curing many diseases. In a research paper written by Dr. Ramesh Manocha, he speaks of a study of Sahaja Yogis using a Quantitative Electro Encephalo Gram, which demonstrated widespread changes in brainwaves, with prominent theta wave activity at the precise moment that the Sahaja Yogis reported a state of complete mental silence and oneness.

Now how does anyone try to get into this beautiful network? The answer lies in meditation, which is actually getting into a state of thoughtless awareness. Now hang on – what does that mean? It means you get into a state where you feel completely one with yourself and the Divine and are not affected by thoughts, which in reality come through your ego or past conditionings. The whole process of getting aware of this vibratory energy is called Self Realization. It means the awakening of a dormant motherly energy within us that, with a great amount of respect and pure desire, works within us and connects us to the network. That is when we achieve oneness with the Divine through vibratory awareness. The energy passes through our subtle energy centres in the process of connecting us.

It turns out that all of our problems, be they physical or mental illness or an emotional disorder, are nothing but the result of a prolonged imbalance in one or more of the subtle energy centres (chakras) or the left and right energy channels. If we can feel the state of our subtle system and detect such imbalances early on when they are initially triggered and if we can cure the imbalance at the energetic level, we can prevent many problems in our being long before their onset.

We are all made like a divine computer with everything built-in within us that is needed to exercise wisdom and discretion about what is good for us and what is not. After we experience Self Realization, this inner potential for wisdom, discretion and subtle understanding is awakened within us and becomes a part of our life. Just as the senses of sight, smell and taste are spontaneous and natural to us and we use them without thinking, a new sense also becomes an integral part of our being. Chaitanya (vibration) is the integrated force of your physiological, mental, emotional and religious selves.


This all becomes possible after Self Realization. As the motherly energy awakens within us and pierces through the seventh energy centre, we start feeling vibrations through our central nervous system. At the outset, we feel vibrations most prominently on the palms of our hands. The palms are like a barometer of the state of the energy centres within us and within others. This is the instrument by which we can develop our wisdom and discretion if we listen to it carefully.

Each part of the palm corresponds to a particular energy centre along our spine. The sensation of a gentle cool breeze on a finger that corresponds to a centre, indicates a balanced and clear state of that centre. On the other hand, a sensation of tingling, heat or burning indicates a subtle imbalance on that centre which can be removed though regular meditation and simple Sahaja meditation techniques. If you feel certain sensations on your palm after Realization, it is easy to interpret them. Simply use our subtle system guide and learn what brings the chakras into balance and what harms them.

There are many other medical professionals apart from Dr. Ramesh Manocha. In England, Russia, India, Australia and North America doctors and scientists have studied the health benefits of Sahaja meditation and its positive role in alleviating a host of illnesses. Some of the results of these Sahaja meditation research studies have been widely published and are available elsewhere on freemeditation.com.

So don’t wait any more and get connected with Sahaja Yoga today and become part of this beautiful network.

Your avatar is waiting for you!

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The Atlanta collective is a bunch of seekers some of who found the truth in Sahaja meditation after many years and some who were fortunate to learn Sahaja meditation in school/college. There are folks from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and ages that form a part of this collective. The collective has people who tried Reiki, Mantra based meditation, Buddhist meditation, Catholic based worship and other forms before coming to Sahaja meditation. Now, the collective's objective is to spread this love of the divine to other seekers so they too can realize the immense benefits of Sahaja meditation. Sahaja Atlanta

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  • pooyan
    Jan 4, 2010
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    nice article, really wanna watch it asap, thx 4 sharing ur ideas about nice movies and specially, cartoon 😉



  • axinia
    Jan 5, 2010
    comment arrow

    great point, great connection you made to the film!



    Jan 8, 2010
    comment arrow

    Wowwwww…I was just talking about the same thing to the folks at our weekly meditation classes and telling them to see the movie…it was exactly the same points! 🙂 We are definitely all connected through the network of vibrations…also they say in the movie…that we are ‘born twice’, also they show that they are connecting to the horses via a ‘bond’ which is nothing but vibrations which they have shown in a physical sense…I wonder where they got all these concepts from…! 😉



  • Pandora accessories
    Mar 16, 2010
    comment arrow

    Avatar was the blockbuster film and the most costliest film in the film industry even it took 12 years to make this movie. I was really very happy to hear that they are going to make a sequeal of this film.



  • pranita Rottmann
    Jun 11, 2010
    comment arrow

    A very nice article……Couple of days back i just told couple of our meditation people…that Avatar is such a spontaneous..SAHAJ movie.I was too wondering that where from the director got these concepts….May be he too is a seeker…or may be that he already got his COnnect “selfrealisation”…….
    The AIWA in avatar movie is the concept from “Tree of life” the Primordial Mother……..Mother of all the mothers…COsmic Mother..or ADISHAKTI….


  • comment arrow

    Avatar was the blockbuster film and the most costliest film in the film industry even it took 12 years to make this movie.it is movie of the decade.today the trend is for squeal movie..i was very happy after listing that avatar part 2 is going to make..



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