Loving the temple of Spirit

Loving the temple of Spirit

Every time you meet a yogi who is in love with himself enough to enjoy the daily practice of Sahaja Meditation you will notice some extra radiance all over his/her face. There is no secret product but a simple matter of awareness with an extra touch of brightness is that treatment. And if meditating is the key factor to keep our spirit safe and healthy, beauty care is also the key factor to keep the temple of the spirit dignified and good looking. Yoginis (and yogis too) dedicate a special attention to their body. They love hiking and walking in open natural spaces, nourishing their senses with pure sounds and elements, exercising according to their nature, interests, age, potential and lifestyle.

A lady idea to collectively care about this Temple is organizing thematic workshops or beauty spa parties at homes or centers environmentally suitable for this kind of activity. A few candles scattered around the room, flowers and natural sounds spa music will make a nice frame. All it’s needed are girls who enjoy and give basic beauty treatments, sharing their tips and skills. A bunch of favorite products, they can even be home made by using different mixes of vibrated ingredients like clay, sugar, olive oil, salt, honey or yogurt. Et voila! May the beauty spa start! Some men may join in at the last moment too!

Through Sahaja Yoga we learn authentically precious beauty tips which we should treasure and spread, deepen and refine. Some of them here following right away:

  1. Hair: Try not cut or dye it just because it is fashionable or trendy, try to have your own personality and beauty. For ladies: long hair should be combed and kept in a nice way all the time; it should be also oiled with a little coconut oil on top of the head at least once a week; this kind of oil is specifically head – nourishing.
  2. Eyes: In order to increase their glow, it is good to have a firm sight. To not waste the attention watching around everybody and everywhere; dedicating a considerable amount of time watching Mother earth, flowers and children is a very helpful way for improving the eye shine.
  3. Skin and face: Meditation is a perfect “skin glowing medicine”. It’s natural, effortless and free of charge. During meditation at home or outdoor, skin pores start breathing with rhythm literally sucking in the vibrations they need to establish their natural balance and texture.
  4. Arms & Knees: Keeping them exposed all the times does increase the risk of catching polluted impurities from the environment. There are crucial points along the body structure of women arms and knees which store nutritious elements and the amount of water necessary to develop dynamism and body comfort.
  5. Clothes: It is always good to have a personalized style in dressing. For example traditional designs/shapes are a wonderful winning choice. Key meaning of dresses is that they have to bring dignity and respect to the person wearing them.
  6. Voice: A little bit like an extension of our body, voice should mirror it. Speaking with control and heart in a sweet positive way automatically does bring balance to the person herself and the surrounding environment. People feel impressed and pacified; everything runs with smoothness and simplicity.

What’s your thematic beauty party? Did you already have one? Don’t skip this gorgeous opportunity to share and strengthen your radiance with others.

Radha aims from cozy Italy and finds Meditation in 2002. Her self discovery journey brought her to Hong Kong. Here she especially enjoyes a seaside walk with blu sky or a good hike.

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