Sahaja Lessons from Trailer Trucks!

Sahaja Lessons from Trailer Trucks!

While traveling on the road at nights, you will observe these huge trailer trucks going in a single line on the right side of the freeway. Though ominous, they are like the elephants; gentle and smooth.

Rarely do you find a single trailer truck; lonesome and climbing the hills awkwardly. It looks like they meet at a “center” point , and become buddies. They seem to form a bond of sorts–to travel together and to take care of each other through the journey. The journeys may be different, truck drivers different, time may be different; but their strength is their togetherness.

Like elephants, they pull each other out of danger. For e.g., Imagine this night scene— a line of 7 trucks on the right lane, happily onward their journey. Suddenly one of the young truck driver’s decides to take the lead and moves to the left lane. A car driver running on 80 mph encounters this truck driver in the left lane and starts tailing him. The trailer is unable to take the lead, as there are three more trailers ahead. Now what?! Will the car stop tailing?Will the trailer take lead?

Well remember folks, elephants! A sudden blink of headlights from the trucks, a smooth decrease of speed, and they let the truck from the left lane back into the group of trailers! Another day of smooth work bringing the collective together, and moving forward(sounds very Sahaja, does it not?)Oh, and yes, the car driver did go ahead!

Such moments last for seconds. But the lessons last forever. You learn that togetherness is the key for growth, be it on the road or in the heart. A collective is a surer way of growing spiritually and reaching heights of realisation. A family, which is made of elders and newcomers, mutually taking care of each other, respecting, encouraging and supporting each others growth; is one of the important lessons from this small night scene.

Seekers of truth, we need to learn from such moments , and try and keep our life filled with people who believe in the commonality of spirit and love. Elephants or trucks, bigger or stronger, they remain collective and gentle–lessons to remember for eternity..

A Psychologist, practicing Sahaja Yoga for the past year. Married recently and currently living in the US. Love writing poems, stories and plays. Thoughtless Creativity

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  • Anshul
    Mar 23, 2010
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    well I’am from UK, directions are opposite but not the meaning, very nice thought. may the whole world become collective.


    K C Gupta
    September 22nd, 2011

    Collective in what?, in meditation collective means collective from sprit only.



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