Childlike, warm and tender

Loving, caring and full of wonder

As the light moves upward

Glowing when you surrender

Wise and sure you become

Vibrations is what you understand from

Balanced your thoughts are now

For you feel from your heart to know

Easier to stride without a doubt

Experience life with eyes anew

Ready to hear things afresh

Joyous you are of every view

For life is painted with a new brush

Pave way for others to realize

Love of divine means to give, to share

Innocence shines in your eyes with delight

Life is renewed, now reach out to care

A Psychologist, practicing Sahaja Yoga for the past year. Married recently and currently living in the US. Love writing poems, stories and plays. Thoughtless Creativity

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  • subhashini
    Apr 17, 2010
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    sweet n beautiful expression PURE LOVE!!!



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