Guided Meditation MP3 Giveaway #1

Guided Meditation MP3 Giveaway #1

This is an audio guided meditation from

If this is your first time trying Sahaja Meditation, we suggest that you take a few minutes to first go through our Self-Realization workshop.

Follow the instructions on the Self-realization page.

You will find this guided meditation much more effective if you have first experienced your Self-Realization.

Wherever you choose to meditate, we suggest that it be a relatively quiet place, without any air draughts, where you can sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor. It is okay to stay in front of your computer as well.

You may want to light a small candle in front of you.

Let’s keep our hands stretched open, palms facing upwards, resting on our lap.

You may close your eyes or gaze at the candle flame in front of you.

Let’s begin by watching our breathing.

In this meditation, let’s put aside the past and the future. Let’s try to be in the present moment.

Please repeat silently inside you, a few times, “I forgive what happened in the past. I forgive myself. I forgive.”

It does not matter what or who we are forgiving. This affirmation will act automatically within us, for our own benefit.

“I forgive what happened in the past. I forgive myself. I forgive.”

Next, repeat a few times, “I surrender all my plans and worries about the future.”

“I allow my spirit to guide my future.”

Continue watching your breathing.

Now, repeat silently inside, “I am not this body, I am not this mind, these emotions, this ego. I am the pure spirit.”

Silence, please show me the meaning of being the spirit.”

Continue watching your breathing, letting go of your thoughts about the past and the future, while enjoying this meditative music.

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If you’ve enjoyed this meditation, we invite you to try our 10-part Online Meditation Course on Start today and enjoy the full benefits of meditation in your daily life.

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