An integrated will

An integrated will

What is it to have an integrated will, a coherent personality ? These notions are quite difficult to understand and even more difficult to put into practice. Here are some clues given by Shri Mataji:

Once you receive your Realization, firstly it starts transforming you.  Then it starts transforming others.  By your presence you start transforming them. By your existence, you start transforming the atmosphere, the subtler problems of negativity, they all work out.  Like a tree, when it is blossoming, the fragrance of the blossom creates a different type of aura, around itself, that it attracts all the bees around to gather the honey.

In the same way, when a person is Realized, is enlightened, the area spreads and you start getting people attracted towards you.  You have to remember few points about Sahaja Yoga, that you receive the light first, the second step is that you generate the light, It is never done in any other process, that you generate the light, on your own, with your will, with your understanding, with your freedom.  For example a tree may give rise to seeds and seeds might become trees.

But seeds do not regenerate, they do not have a will.-Because here the seeds are human beings.  Only the human beings have the will.  Now you’ve been enlightened with your will.  With your will you can regenerate, or you would say, you can generate on your own (the Self Realization)…  It’s a very subtle understanding, that when a light comes, into this candle, it cannot regenerate of it’s will any other; somebody else has to take it to that.

So your will is very important in Sahaja Yoga.  “What do you will”.  That is very, very important. Now will does not mean ‘desire’.  Will means  desire put into action’.  So what you do is to desire and then you put it into action.
Shri Mataji, England,1980

To give Realisation is to awaken the spiritual light in others. This process is unique and available to each of us nowadays. It transforms the subtle system of some one by allowing him or her to feel and act upon the sympathetic nervous system. But this transformation is only possible if a  Realized soul has the will to share this gift with others, this gift of life, and if another person if willing to get it.

So the second point is the integration.  Integration of your attention, Integration comes in when you do some thing, you wish the same thing, you enjoy the same thing.  If you want something else, then you find integration is also wobbly in your attention.

But if you want your Spirit, you just want your Spirit to be happy.  Spirit is always happy.  How are you going to make the Spirit happy?  Only thing when you say, you want the Spirit to be happy, what you are saying is this, that you want your attention to be happy.

If you keep your attention happy and cheerful, completely integrated with your being, not with your ego, this is where the discretion has to be used.
Shri Mataji, England,1980

To be integrated is to feel a continuation, a likeness between your will and your actions. It is to be in accord with oneself. Young children know spontaneously this state which disappears when we grow as the social life, for example, does not allow us to be really ourselves.

When we  act according to what we thought, this gives us a feeling of satisfaction, of security, of well being. One could describe this state as the opposite of frustration and stress: as we feel the stress, we are often unsatisfied with ourselves, and at the same time, unable to act according to our will. This becomes too difficult.

This integration of our intellectuals, spirituals, emotional aspects is a direct consequence of the Self Realization and of our connection with our Spirit.

Anaic studied linguistics in Paris and worked first as a French teacher for foreigners and then as a school teacher. Since her second child she is a house wife. She likes many different things like : blogging, dancing, singing, but also reading poetry, philosophy and comics. She enjoys a lot Indian classical music as well as American soaps…

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