Let the Spirit shine

Let the Spirit shine

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First and foremost is: You have to become your spirit. Without knowing the Spirit you cannot know God.

But the Spirit itself is a sensitive thing.  It is there no doubt, it stays there no doubt, but that it should shine in your attention. You have to know that your attention has to be congenial to the Spirit. If the attention is not congenial, then the Spirit doesn’t shine.  Spirit will shine on an attention which is steady. Steady it by balancing (your channels), you bring a steady state.  Balance your thoughts, balance your eyes, balance your desires.  Try to balance it. Ego and super-ego; you balance it.  Attention is balanced very much like that.

Now how do you do with your will?  First of all you desire and then you act.  Where am I going?  What am I doing?  I am a seeker.  Is this the thing I have to do as a seeker? Immediately balance will come.

So this balancing has to come; foremost thing is to balance yourself.  Any extreme behaviour must be balanced.  Any extreme attitude towards life must be brought down.  Now, here we find that the will acts to oppose and in an opposite direction.  For example people become obstinate.  They do not want to accept that we have to balance and they say, “Oh!  I am alright,” and they’ll give all explanations to show they are alright.  For whom are you giving the explanations?  You are fighting with yourself.  Why?  Because you are not yet integrated fully within yourself.
Shri Mataji 1980

To be congenial to the Spirit is to have a quiet attention, a constant attention that reflects the light of the Spirit, as a smooth surface of a lake reflects the Sun.

But when a thought occurs, it acts like a wave on the lake that disturbs its surface, and it is not flat enough to reflect sunlight. Thoughts and concerns do form a veil on our attention as spots on a mirror decay the image. This is the result of an excessive activity from our right and left sympathetic nervous system. To consolidate one’s attention, one must use simple Sahaj techniques that control the left and right channels of our subtle system and that balance our energy.

It is at this point that our desire and our will set in motion. But if our will is an expression of our ego, it will not help us to take the right decisions. Thus, we must know exactly where we stand, if we act freely or if we are reacting to something.

Asking questions about oneself is a way of making introspection. Making your introspection will help you to know who we are really and will allow you to take control over things.

The internal contradictions that exist in all individuals are gradually resolved as we become aware of the exact reasons that push us to act. One must know the difference between a real desire and a habit: for example, a conditioning will force us to do more or less certain choice, not freely. Then, with a clear knowledge about yourself, you can act.

To become the Spirit, we must combine several aspects: to feel in peace and to have a will in accordance with our emotions, with our desire for spiritual evolution. This oneness results in a state of inner serenity, and thus allows attention to be calm. And vice versa, because all this can also be done in a different order: a calm attention will give peace of mind. Thus, starting from any point, you can create the necessary conditions to start becoming aware of this eternal presence in all of us, which is the Spirit.

Picture: “a concert of the universe” from the artiste Oleg Mayorov, more on :http://www.art-freedom-joy.com/page2.html

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Anaic studied linguistics in Paris and worked first as a French teacher for foreigners and then as a school teacher. Since her second child she is a house wife. She likes many different things like : blogging, dancing, singing, but also reading poetry, philosophy and comics. She enjoys a lot Indian classical music as well as American soaps…

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