Meditation poll: How much of your day is spent in total silence?

Meditation poll: How much of your day is spent in total silence?

Have you ever imagined a day which your mind doesn’t produce any reactions? A complete silence and calmness, full of peace. No stress, no anxiety, no temper!

While in the olden days, seekers used to give up everything and live an ascetic life, today it is possible to achieve the state of higher awareness and total mental silence with living our normal lives. Practitioners of Sahaja Yoga meditation are experiencing this wonderful state of mind every day, they are learning and consummating themselves with daily practise of deeper meditations.

Let’s introspect ourselves and see how much of our day is spent in total silence.

How much of your day is spent in total silence?

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Ozge Ozkaya is from Turkey and he enjoys compiling articles for He loves playing soccer, watching movies and meditating whenever is possible. :-) He has been in the beautiful world of Sahaja Meditation since 2000.

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    I think now more than ever, it’s important to experience what lies beyond our habitual thought processes. It’s only because of the rush and inertia of our current culture that many feel they are trying to keep up with the pace. I’ve found that meditation makes it possible for me to be more effective at this task. So my view is that for those who feel like they have no time, meditation strange as it may sound, gives you back more time than you put in.



  • Justin | Mazzastick
    Sep 18, 2011
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    Hi Ozge,
    I find some time each day to just unplug and be silent. Even while sleeping the mind can tend to take over so at least during the day I can consciously decide to quiet the chatter of the mind.



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