In the Realm of Angels Part 1

In the Realm of Angels Part 1

Angels cannot be seen by man with his bodily eyes, but only with the eyes of the spirit which is within him. ~ Emanuel Swedenberg

In Biblical times, those who saw manifestations of God or who heard the word of God were seen as great prophets and leaders. It was a common occurrence to be visited by an angel or have wisdom imparted to you through such means as a burning bush, but somehow down the ages, this started to be thought of as heresy or witchcraft, or even madness. Most famously, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake for her private conversations with an unseen guide, yet later was made a Saint. What changed? Maybe our perception of what could be a possibility, without actual physical proof.

It is still quite New Age-y to admit a belief or even an interest in all things angelic, and of course there is a great deal of manipulation in the media and in material goods to make us “buy” into it, but unless there was an underlying need for us to have such a belief, then these endless books, films and images would not have appeared in the first place. On a recent trip to Australia, in a backwater fishing town on the East coast, I was amazed to find that every other shop was filled with the same angel cards, books and paintings I could find in the middle of a metropolitan city like London, whilst in between were the fishing tackle shops and basic general high street ware.

Angels have always been amongst us guiding mankind, but now more than ever, in such a chaotic and violent world, more people not only want to believe, but find it essential for their spiritual well-being. Surely there must be a purpose to our lives, a meaning to these global catastrophes? Surely we must be looked after and not just left to our own devices?
Lorna Byrne is a 5ft, 54-year-old Irishwoman who says she’s seen angels from the moment she opened her eyes as a baby. Her autobiography, “Angels In My Hair” has become a worldwide bestseller since it first hit the bookshelves in 2008. Publisher Mark Booth, who started off as a sceptic, admitted, ‘Everything she says checks out in the Judeo-Christian tradition. I suspect there’s no one else like her in the world – no one who has the same constant access to the spiritual world.’

Throughout her childhood, Lorna Byrne was regarded as ‘retarded’ because she struggled to read. She was later diagnosed with dyslexia. But that did nothing to curtail her psychic powers: she was told by the angels that her job on this earth was to share the wisdom and knowledge that God and the angels were giving her. Byrne went on to have visions of the Virgin Mary and St Michael, the most senior Archangel, as well as an angel she called Elijah – even though she had no idea there was an Old Testament prophet with that name.

‘I see angels all the time I’m awake,’ she says. ‘I see people’s guardian angels – we each have one – and other types of angels, too, including archangels and cherubim. They talk to me every day, help me to understand what’s going on in the world and I help them do their work among the people I meet.’

She describes the angels that she sees in many different ways – some are balls of bright light, some have the traditional wings, but all are filled with an abundance of love and compassion.

For compassion, a human heart suffices; but for full, adequate sympathy with joy, an angel’s. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

And Lorna Byrne is not alone in her visions – there are literally hundreds of books filled with ‘close encounters of an angelic kind’, all with compelling stories that are hard to dismiss as fantasy.

There are also many references to angels in great works of literature and art, and scholars have tried to classify the different types of angel. There are three triads, each with three orders of angel within them.

The First Triad

These Beings of the orders are closest to God; they are the essence of divine purity and love.

First of these are the Seraphim – “Ardour or fire-makers”, described as pure, flaming energy and love, so bright that even divine beings cannot look upon them. Seraphim have six wings, two cover their faces, two cover their feet, and two are for flying.

Their garments are white but with an unearthly whiteness. I cannot describe it because it cannot be compared to earthly whiteness: it is much softer to the eye. These bright Angels are enveloped in a light so different from ours that by comparison, everything else seems dark. Père Lamy

Second are the Cherubim – “Kerub” means fullness of knowledge; described by the prophet Ezekiel as having four faces and four wings. They keep celestial records and drive the chariots of God.

Third are the Orphanim (thrones) – They are the chariots of God, whirling wheels of fire. Known for their humility, God dispenses justice through them.

The Second Triad

All Orders within this Triad strive to balance or reconcile such opposites as good and bad, matter and spirit and higher and lower, thus risking corruption in doing so.

First are the Dominions – They regulate the heavenly workforce. Their leadership qualities bring light and order out of the dark forces of chaos. They receive their orders from the Seraphim and Cherubim but rarely make themselves known physically to mortals.

Second are Virtues – They work miracles on Earth, controlling all of nature, the elements and the stars, moon and sun.

Third are the Powers – They are the “Warrior angels”, defending goodness against schemes and tricks of demonic beings. They maintain the borders between Heaven and Earth.

The Third Triad

These are the most exposed and vulnerable to any corrosion of flesh. Angels from these Orders are most well-known to us, simply because they are most like us.

First of these are Principalities – They protect cities, nations and religions and inspire leaders to make right decisions.

Finally the last two orders are the Archangels and Angels who are the guardians of people and all physical things.

Coincidence is God’s way of performing a miracle anonymously.
(Quote of unknown/anonymous origin)

Archangels – As a class, the archangels are tasked with not only watching the duties of the angels, but also acting as the leaders in the divine army during battle. The Archangels have a unique role as God’s messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation. There are supposedly seven in total, but only four names are agreed upon from most religious sources – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Angels – Sons of life or of twilight. A rank which intermediates between God and Man. Angels are closest to earth and earthly matters, whereas the archangels have more to do with the heavenly realm. The least (if one could say that about any angelic being) in the hierarchy, angels are given to two major tasks. First, they are responsible for watching over the affairs of mortals in a more direct manner than the principalities. Instead of watching entire nations, angels watch over households and individual souls, guiding them subtlety and keeping them safe from demonic attack. Also, they are the carriers of God’s word to mankind, acting as messengers and couriers to both God and the upper ranks of angelkind as well.

In 1989 in Margate, England, Shri Mataji spoke at length in Her talk about the role and nature of angels, and especially that of Shri Hanuman, the monkey chief of Hindu mythology and the devoted servant of Shri Rama who protects the Right Heart on our subtle system. But as with many deities, Hanuman also manifests in other forms, the most important of which is the Archangel Gabriel.

The angels are a special category, they don’t take up any problems upon themselves; they just solve them. Now imagine Hanumana as Gabriel, had to go and tell Maria that there’s a Child which is the incarnation. The Savior is going to be born to you. She was a young virgin. To break such a news which was horrible, compared to the conditionings of those days. He did it. ‘I have to do it, so I’ll do it. If that’s the order, I’ll do it.’ Because He knew that the carrying out of the order is His nature, is built within Him and He’s not going to doubt it. He’s not going to wait, but just told and He does it. (Margate, England, 1989)

I recently heard an experience of a yogini who was asking Shri Mataji how we can solve our problems, even the big ones that seem insurmountable.

Shri Mataji told her, “You have to be in the witness state.”

The yogini replied, “But Mother I don’t know how to be in the witness state.”

Shri Mataji then said, “You have to see the problem, and at that point you will have it in your Agnya. Now if you don’t surrender it, if you don’t send it in your Sahasrara I can’t solve it. You have to surrender it and once [it] is in your Sahasrara, there are a lot of angels and deities which can’t wait to solve your problems and fulfill your desires. Watch your problem and surrender it.”

…to be continued…

Deborah Eckman is a singer/songwriter and actress when the wind is blowing in the right direction. She is a founder member of the Sahaja Yoga theatre company -Theatre of Eternal Values - and has also been lucky enough to spend time in India studying Indian Classical Singing at the PK Salve Academy of Fine Arts. As none of these activities earn her much of a living, she also has to work sometimes, but tries very hard not to! She loves movies, music, animals & travelling, preferably out of England during winter.

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  • armaity
    Jan 5, 2011
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    Thanks Deborah for this article on a subject not often discussed and putting it in a historical religious perspective.
    Many religions have talked on this subject and it is human to feel attracted towards things like this.
    But since they belong to a different realm than our own, it is best not to get too much involved in this .
    Shri Ma has said that when you see visions you are still “outside” . It is like being in a room and able to see things outside from a window. But once you enter and merge with that, the duality disappears.

    I await to read the second part of your article.


    January 13th, 2011

    Thanks for your comment. Once I started writing I found it hard to stop, as there was so much to say on the subject, which I guess is why it had to be divided in two! I even discovered a weekly UK tv show dedicated to discussing Angels, as well as newly published books just after I submitted the article. Hopefully you will see how the 2 realms merge by the end of the 2nd part…..



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