College students use Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Stress-Reduction and to Feel More Joy in life

College students use Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Stress-Reduction and to Feel More Joy in life

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Are you feeling stressed out lately by your college classes and all the pressures of college life in general?  Sahaja Yoga Meditation can definitely help you.  In some colleges in the USA, Sahaja Meditation is being offered as part of the college curriculum for FYE – Freshman Year Seminar, in college courses in the social sciences and liberal arts, and in college clubs as well.  Sahaja Meditation can help you have a more enjoyable experience in college, there is no doubt about that.

Here are some real life examples of students who have improved their college experience and  general approach to life, due to Sahaja Meditation (names have been changed to protect confidentiality):

Claudia was having great difficulty sleeping and she suffered from sleep apnea (waking up at night all the time with difficulty breathing.)  The pressures of  balancing college and job responsibilities were getting to her.  Not sleeping of course affected her ability to study for her college classes and focus in class.  When the whole class experienced a Sahaja Meditation exercise in class, she commented that she felt deeply relaxed and wanted to practice at home.  The next week she told her professor that for the first time she slept through the whole night!  She said she enjoys exploring the website during her free time, and that her practicing the positive affirmations during her meditation time had the most effect on her ability to feel more peaceful and less overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities.

David always became very anxious before tests and he suffered from test-anxiety ( in college, and before, during his high school years.)  He would freeze up and panic before and during tests and just blank out.  In class he was able to do meditation exercises that the professor put up via multi-media, with the and websites.  At home, he continued doing the meditation exercises and listened to the beautiful music he had never heard before, on these websites, from around the world.

Manuela was feeling depressed and overwhelmed by her transition to college and she had been to a doctor who prescribed her anti-depression medication.  Since she was from Brazil, she really missed her family very much, and her mother was ill which caused her a lot of anxiety as well.   In her college class, she was introduced to Sahaja Meditation by her professor and began meditating after class as well.   With Sahaja Meditation material in Portuguese (her native language), she felt even more comforted as she experienced meditation, and began to feel much more calm and relaxed.   Her self-esteem improved as well, and she felt more confident in herself. After a month, she went to talk to her doctor to reduce and eventually eliminate her anti-depression meds.  Manuela expressed deep gratitude at finding Sahaja Meditation.

Sahaja Meditation helps students to relax, stay more focused, and feel more in touch with themselves and college life in general.  So make Sahaja Meditation part of your daily college life!  Try out these websites too: and

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