The Subtle System

The Subtle System

Sahaja Yoga Meditation releases an energy that gives us a good physical, mental and spiritual health, for this meditation has beneficial effects on the whole person.

Where does this energy come from?

When the foetus is aged about 2 or 3 months in the womb, a column of rays emitted by the Divine Consciousness falls on the brain and as the shape of the human brain is like a prism, the rays are refracted in different channels which are the parasympathetic, sympathetic and central nervous systems.

The group of rays falling on the bones of fontanelle which is at the top of the head, pierces and passes directly into the medulla oblongata, and go down inside the spinal cord called the Sushumna Nadi, up to the triangular sacrum bone, at the end of the spinal cord, and settle down there. This energy remains into the sacrum and is called the “Kundalini”.

When the divine energy enters through the top of the head, the spark of the Spirit enters into the heart. In the embryo, the heart is located at the top the head. The core then moves down into the chest cavity, and then the Spirit lies there. It is only after Self-realization that the Spirit can once again be united with the Divine, resuming his seat at the fontanelle bone area in the brain.

How do we get separate from this energy?

Once the baby is born and the umbilical cord is broken, a hollow is created in the spinal cord. The connexion is thus broken. Later, when the ego and the superego, which are the top ends of the sympathetic nervous system left and right, swell like balloons, they cover the brain, the bones of fontanelle becomes calcified and we are completely separated from the vital omnipresent Divine Force.

Realization can give us back this link with the Divine Force as it existed before we were born. Once again, we can feel this profound peace inside. Anyone who desires it can have it back as it is an innate and natural process within us.

Why do we get separated ?

As a foetus, we bath and swim in an unconscious stage. We are nourished by the Divine Energy as we are connected to it. But we cannot reflect God’s image are we are totally identified with it. By coming to life and developing our ego and super ego, we reach a point where we can balance these two expressions of the sympathetic nervous system and be ready to feel the parasympathetic nervous system. Then, we are ready to receive the awakening of this dormant energy, the Kundalini. This process took a long time in our evolution. Nowadays, we can get our brain enlightened and it can become the reflection of God Almighty, in a conscious way, with our all personality.

Here is a way to deepen this subject with the words of Shri Mataji :

“In the human body, there are three types of nervous systems. The first one is the central nervous system, the second one is the sympathetic nervous system which has a left and a right side, and the third one is the parasympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is for emergencies. For example, if one sees a tiger in the forest, one starts running fast. At this emergency, the heart beat increases tremendously. This is done by the sympathetic nervous system. But it goes back to normal by the working of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is in the middle of these two left and right sides. In medical science, I don’t know if they have reached the conclusion or not, that the left and right sympathetic nervous system act in opposite directions, as they are complimentary.

For example, the left sympathetic nervous system is nourished by a subtle channel, called the Ida Nadi (Moon channel), and the right side, by a channel which is called Pingala Nadi (Sun Channel). This Ida Nadi gives the human being his emotional side. In one’s subconscious, the past is recorded beyond this Ida Channel. The Subconscious is the past, today’s past, then is the past of yesterday, the past of this life, past of the last lives and ultimately the past which was the one which came from all that was created since Creation took place, the collective subconscious. All these areas are placed vertically one after another and not horizontally. For our ascent one does not have to pass all these subconscious areas as said by many psychologists.

The other one, which is the Pingala Nadi, works for the physical and the mental, meaning intellectual, work of human beings. In the centre is the parasympathetic, which is formed by the loops from both left and right sympathetic nervous system. So whenever the sympathetic nervous system is exhausted because of emergencies, the parasympathetic relaxes and nourishes these two channels and ultimately helps these, the sympathetic systems.

Wherever these loops meet, the energy centres thus formed are known as Chakras. These loops correspond to genes which are affected also by our day-to-day activity of left and right sympathetic nervous system.

The central one, which is the parasympathetic, is nourished by another channel, called the Sushumna Nadi (Channel of Ascent). Whatever we have achieved in our evolution is recorded and is established in this central nervous system….
There is one more residual energy which is coiled up and remains potential in the triangular bone’ called the sacrum. Residual energy means that it is the basic original energy which has not gone into division. When the Divine Energy fails on the brain of the fully developed foetus, then in the prism-like brain it fails into three categories. It happens due to refraction. The energy that fails on the sides of the brain cross over to form the sympathetic nervous system. But when the Divine energy fails on the summit of the brain which is like a prism, the original energy, without any refraction, passes through and coils down in the Sacrum bone as Kundalini. Perhaps the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone, so they called it the ‘sacrum”. This original, complete energy is coiled into three and a half coils which is in a resting potential state. The subtle system we have within ourselves is built in.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Meta Modern Era, chapter 11, 1995

Anaic studied linguistics in Paris and worked first as a French teacher for foreigners and then as a school teacher. Since her second child she is a house wife. She likes many different things like : blogging, dancing, singing, but also reading poetry, philosophy and comics. She enjoys a lot Indian classical music as well as American soaps…

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  • Russell Stevens
    Nov 19, 2014
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    how do i reach mental silence and can you help me with my base chakra.


    November 20th, 2014

    Dear Russell,

    start with that

    Best is to attend a collective center, where do you live?
    Warm wishes,


    November 21st, 2014

    Hello Stevens,
    You can take a foot-soak with like warm water and salt : this will give you the feeling and the properties of the sea! :-)) These are two elements that will suck, on a subtle level, your excessive energy coming from the use of the sympathetic channels : salt is a mineral that represents the earth element, combined with water.
    The foot-soak, for about 10 minutes, is very good to clean the basic charkas. The relaxation that you will feel will help you to become silent. Anyway, don’t fight with your thoughts, just let them come and go. The little space between thoughts will grow with the practice. Enjoy these moments with yourself.
    Good luck,



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