Great hobbies for progressive ladies

Great hobbies for progressive ladies

Simple hobbies are very good tool to help you relaxing and focus on yourself. They have been proved also powerful collective connectors among ladies from different backgrounds and walks of life either living in the same area or in different countries. The best thing about beautiful hobbies is that they do not involve any precise intellectual skill or school certificate but the heart, the intuition and the soft movement of our hands. They are not really applicable to those ladies leading a very fast paced life with many other hobbies or jobs involved. In this case the best choice would be to take to meditation and stop or slow down their activities for a while.

There is something precious to make sure before getting into a hobby which is: am I empty? Or are my heart and brain full of knowledge and stuff which do not allow me to relax and have no thought? If I can surely answer “yes” to both these questions then I am also ready to express creativity at pure levels. In case the answers are “no no” there is always great support from other techniques and meditation itself.

Beautiful and dignified hobbies are just a form we have to manifest some of the myriad of aspects of personality on individual and collective levels. We are just channels of great qualities and inspire each other thru them and the artworks. Slowly we rise to artistical levels of perfection and watch them nicely. Hobbies tells so much about us and become an amazing platform to know ourself better and better, to know the Mother Earth and Her wonderful colours and functions, the subtle work of our silent hands which become one with attention. While we just sit in heaven stitching, cutting, gluing, coloring. Every little movement or thing just opens up with a wide palette of meanings.

Radha aims from cozy Italy and finds Meditation in 2002. Her self discovery journey brought her to Hong Kong. Here she especially enjoyes a seaside walk with blu sky or a good hike.

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  • G Wells
    Aug 8, 2011
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    You are exactly right when you say that just the simplist hobbies can be big relievers of stress and help in many relaxing ways. “You Time”. Without You Time life just becomes a genuin routene and boring. Everybody needs a hobby.
    Thanks for listening,
    G Wells



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