Early morning wake up, which benefits?

Early morning wake up, which benefits?

Radha grew up in cozy Italy and is enjoying the beauties of Sahaja Meditation since 2002. She feels great when spending time with great people and hopes to meet more and more of them. She now lives in Hong Kong. Boundless inspiration

There are plenty of benefits in being a morning bird at 5 o clock! Early birds constitute great support for mother earth; infact this kind of lifestyle would help to save so much energy and ripristinate balance into the environment, the climate changes would not be very drastic … and many other scientific aspects which i am not going to list here. When we wakeup early in the morning…

The day is really long ahead and there is more than enough time to do so many things; there is time to meditate and go for a walk. Enjoy the peace within before sunrise. This is the perfect time to cleanse all the garbage we have accumulated into our left channel of the subtle system, all emotional deposits stored during the past, elaborated during our dreams and waiting to be converted into situations of lethargy or depression. Early morning meditation is so powerful to destroy all of these, day by day. It s such a great work and commitment onto oneself growth.

The human body seems quite naturally designed to wake up early, and the more you indulge into this practice the more you totally love it and can’t wait for that time of the day when the nature starts her gorgeous awakening. There is this immediate feeling of sprintness from inside, a kind of deep positive sensation, calm regeneration of our full body and beyond. It’ s simply beautiful and energetic: it’s the best way to keep energy levels high for the whole day. Infact a couple of hours of “peaceful awakening” very early in the morning seems essential for estabilishing the energy of the left channel. Why is that so important? Because this is the same energy which is going to influence all the actions planned for the day ahead. Without nourishing and fixing the left side with discipline and care, there would not be real growth but just a shallow growth. Hence the early morning meditation becomes an investment into further and deeper maturation of character…something extraordinary which will be achieved after many years. Once we get used to it, there is always time for a nap later on, no problem, but some days even the nap will be spontaneously skipped; believe it or not!

Allertness is a divine gift. To be watered every day constantly with patience and self discovery. Today allertness is under attack, completely. Sleepey and lethargic characters abund in this world. To have sleeping disorders is considered like normal, to go to bed after midnite is considered normal, to wake up at 7 is considered normal, to be sleepey and yawning behind our desks is considered normal. We decided that these conditions are normal for the sake of our fantastic fast paced lifestyle. Think about it. The world is becoming so disgustingly lethargic that as a natural and automatic reaction, all the energy is moving to the opposite side: the side of the hurry. In the name of the hurry we call dynamic our busy lifestyles and we live in the growing illusion that we are becoming useful and indispensable.

The city awakening is beautiful.
When leaving home for a short early morning walk, the heart rejoyce. We feel the synthony with mother earth and her timing, her sessions, her schedule… Everybody has the right to understand these rythmic movements. Biological and innate movements. Either we work from home or from office or from the airplane, there is always room in our life for living this natural awakening during the early hours of the day. It becomes simply a profound spiritual moment for estabilishing ourself into Peace.

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  • Rajni Aggarwal Bhatia
    Aug 25, 2011
    comment arrow

    Dear Radha,

    Your article was so beautiful, flowing smoothly like a soothing melody… Just love you for this enormously meaningful and helpful article…

    Loads of Love n Namaskars,
    Rajni (India)


    August 26th, 2011

    Namaskar Rajni, Thanks its my pleasure. Thanks to yur comment i was also noticed by email that the article was actually published…Lots of love :)



  • Kolin Yardley
    Sep 14, 2011
    comment arrow

    Thank you for the article. It is a motivational reminder for me to meditate early in the morning.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


    September 26th, 2011

    Hi Kolin, very welcome! i wrote it out of prolonged experience of early wake ups. The more often i wake up not later than 5 at least 4-5 times in a week the more i feel increased levels of positive energy within. I m sure Kundalini rejoyces with this practice. :)



  • Laura Mat
    Dec 9, 2011
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    Well written post and good tips. I just would like to emphasize one point. It is very important that you get up right after you hear the alarm clock. Lounging around in bed will make you even more sleepy. I know, it is not an easy thing to do, but it is worth trying.
    Best Regards



  • Lorraine
    Jan 16, 2012
    comment arrow

    I used to refer to myself as a “non-morning person” Even now when I hear my adult children speaking of their childhood memories they refer back to those days when my rule was “nobody talks to mom before she sips her coffee.”
    After beginning meditation – all of that changed. I wake pre-dawn and meditate and then I feel so in tune with myself and my planet. Thank you for this article, it really is a powerful reminder to be thankful we have such an amazing world we live in. Viewing your surroundings at its earliest can soothe your soul. I am fortunate to live in the Florida Keys where balmy breezes sing to every heart. Thanks again, Lorraine



  • prashant
    Jan 25, 2012
    comment arrow

    Dear Radha….
    That was a super article….the nature wakes up early and when we as humans are in tune with the rythm of nature, attaining peace and bliss is much easier through meditation
    kind regards



  • Oceana
    Feb 26, 2014
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    I just started, getting up early at 5, maybe for the past 2 weeks. It has been challenging at times. Recently, since I started practicing meditation in the morning, it has been getting easier. I look forward to doing the meditation. I love all the music and I feel like I want to be in the state for a long time. This is a beautiful article about getting up early in the morning.

    Thank You



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