Guided Meditation MP3 Giveaway #3

Guided Meditation MP3 Giveaway #3

This is an audio guided meditation from

If this is your first time trying Sahaja Meditation, we suggest that you take a few minutes to first go through our Self-Realization workshop.

Follow the instructions on the Self-realization page.

You will find this guided meditation much more effective if you have first experienced your Self-Realization.

Wherever you choose to meditate, we suggest that it be a relatively quiet place, without any air draughts, where you can sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor. It is okay to stay in front of your computer as well.

You may want to light a small candle in front of you.

Let’s keep our hands stretched open, palms facing upwards, resting on our lap.

You may close your eyes or gaze at the candle flame in front of you.

Let’s begin by watching our breathing and letting go of our thoughts, as we practised in Guided Meditation Part 1, Calming the mind and attention.

Now, let’s see that we are carrying a very sincere and surrendered feeling in our heart, as we practised in Part 2, Meditating with the heart.

Keeping our left hand open, resting on our lap, let’s put our right hand on the Mother Earth. If you are sitting in a chair, simply point your right hand towards the ground.

With humility and sincerity in our heart, repeat silently inside,

“Mother Earth, please gently suck away all of the problems in my emotional being. Please free my heart of all stress, frustrations, hurt, attachments and guilt.”

Every time you breathe out, feel that your heart is relaxing a bit more.

Repeat inside, “I surrender.”

Let’s put our right hand back on the lap, palm open and facing upwards.

Let’s raise our left arm, bending the elbow, pointing our left hand towards the sky, palm facing backwards. There is no need to feel tense in your left arm.

With humility and sincerity in our heart, repeat silently inside,

“Winds and sky, please gently take away all of the overactivity in my mental being.
Make my mind calm like a serene lake.”

Repeat inside, “I surrender all my thinking. I am the pure spirit.”

Let’s put our left hand back on the lap, palm open and facing upwards.

Continue watching your breathing, feeling the joy in your heart and peace in your mind, while enjoying this meditative music.


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If you’ve enjoyed this meditation, we invite you to try our 10-part Online Meditation Course on Start today and enjoy the full benefits of meditation in your daily life.

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  • Sarah
    Jan 3, 2013
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    When I am trying to play the attached clip, it is giving an error of “File not found”.



  • aldz
    Apr 29, 2013
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    I want to stress out. Instead of going out and have a drink I would like to try meditation. Can this help me remove my stress and feel great again?


    March 25th, 2014

    Dear Aldz,

    meditation is certainly the way to help you feel great again and take away all stress! This page is the start,

    All the best,



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