Meditation: A Natural and Spiritual Path to a Healthy Life

Meditation: A Natural and Spiritual Path to a Healthy Life

We were born smiling. Well, maybe not exactly, but babies do smile a whole lot. It comes to them naturally, but somewhere down the line, things change. We begin to think, form ideas and react. We lose the smile fairly quickly. Stress kicks in, and we forget our inherent state of silence. We forget that before we had analysis, we had love. Before we had mental reactions, we had spontaneous joy. It may not seem possible, but we can easily get back to our inner roots and feel the spark as seen in a child’s eyes.

When we’re feeling low, oftentimes we’ll close our eyes, throw back our hands and relax on the couch, perhaps an unconscious effort to shrug off the pressure and stress of the day. It relaxes our muscles temporarily, but the next busy day things are back to square one. The stress, the blood pressure, the aches and pains are all still there. What if one could close one’s eyes and open them to find all the problems gone? That’s how meditation works. It let’s our inner being heal us naturally. We just have to let it happen. It takes a little peek beyond the foggy curtain of our thoughts to begin treading the amazing journey of our spiritual discovery.

Our own kundalini eagerly awaits like a loving mother who does everything to bring a smile on her child’s face. It’s for us to notice her and give her a chance to show us what we’re really about.

“It’s not the mind games nor your mental activity that’ll keep you happy, my child,” she’d say. “It’s the silence of your inner spirituality that’ll do the job just right!”

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini: Benevolent & Nurturing

So where do we find this power of spirituality? Does it really exist? And can it really make us perfect beings- mentally, emotionally and physically? It lies within us, and it’s capable of much more than we can imagine. Since ages, pretty much since the beginning of mankind, this kundalini has been with us- each one with an individual kundalini of their own- their very own mother who knows exactly what her child needs. She silently records all our thoughts, actions and emotions whether positive or negative, and she eagerly waits for her chance to perfect us. But the kundalini sleeps silently if we remain unaware of her presence. And so, generation after generation, she’s gone unnoticed, for man made instruments cannot detect her. From everyday social circles to high society and political meetings, she remained hidden like a secret treasure.

Though the kundalini has the potential to completely eradicate all our ailments and perfect imbalances, no fitness club or health expo would discover her power either. If it weren’t for those men of yore who attained great heights of spirituality especially in ancient India, she would have gone unnoticed perhaps forever. These ancients sprinkled hints of her existence in their writings and sayings. They called her the Golden Goddess, serpent energy, fountain of power, living water and kundalini.

Still, very few knew how to harness this potential energy until Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga gave humanity the experience and knowledge about the kundalini, bringing us back to our roots.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga

Today, unraveling the mystery of the kundalini is child’s play in Sahaja Yoga. All we have to do make a wish like a child would wish upon a star with sweet wonder and innocence. Then the power of kundalini will make our meditation happen. First the thoughts will fade, and then the silence is felt- just that is enough to remove stress and illness. However, there’s much more joy and oneness to experience once we’re on this amazing path of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. And through meditation, we can naturally connect to our spiritual depth. Sahaja Yoga reveals to us the true power of meditation and our own ability to overcome our problems.

See? Getting back to our roots and living healthy isn’t such a complicated affair. It just takes a little wish to nudge our kundalini into helping us, and soon enough we’d be surfing like a pro over the biggest obstacles that could come our way. Now there’s a good reason to keep smiling!

Keep On Smiling, Live A Healthy Life

From the Himalayan foothills of India, where she attended an international school, to the historic Washington D.C. Metro area, where she lives currently, Pragya Pradhan, a law graduate and freelance writer, has developed a keen interest in various cultures, lifestyles and philosophies. She is passionate about meditation and has practiced Sahaja Yoga for over 25 years. Vibe Revive

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