Nine Reasons to Meditate Now

Nine Reasons to Meditate Now

1. Create a sense of oneness
Meditation brings a deep feeling of oneness with the creative source. This translates into a feeling of being part and parcel of the whole creation. Those who meditate regularly feel integrated within themselves in any sort of environment and circumstance. It is a sense of oneness which goes beyond experience, nationality, beliefs and language. Meditation becomes a powerful connector. It connects a person with their true self and with the spiritual meaning of life.

2. Build up one’s character
Meditation has the power to change us in a gentle and natural way. Our character becomes fragrant the more we meditate. The best part is that others perceive this depth within and like to enjoy more time in our company. Whenever we seek for union and connection with our spiritual inner energy, meditation is the solution. It helps to awaken at a different pace the great qualities of our being.

3. Giver of balance
Meditation can be absolutely powerful and useful to restore and maintain the balance in different settings and situations. It helps us to see things in the right perspective, without requiring intentional positive or negative thinking for achieving balance. Meditation clears our mind effectively, supplying the energy to see things with fresh perspectives: as opportunities to grow and do better, opportunities to be flexible, or opportunities to master aspects of our lives. At any moment, meditation provides that important fuel which keeps us in the present.

4. Improve our daily lives
Meditation gives us the ability to go through daily chores and activities with enthusiasm. Because we are living in the now, we are able to make the best out of everything that needs to be accomplished during the day. Family matters, relationships and workflow all start moving in a proper direction with lightness and integration.

5. Sustain and improve the world around
Meditative people have a special effect on the environment they come in touch with. Wherever they live or go, they emit waves of change. What an efficient way to ‘change the world’! Changes and improvements of societies happen through the energy of those who meditate and look after their own ascent. Eventually, at a more advanced stage, it expands to others and supports the workings of communities, cities, and different places.

6. Quality in mind and body care
When I found Meditation at the outset of my studies in Developmental Psychology I was training in the Neuropsyachiatric department of a busy Paediatric Health Center. It was immediately clear to me after self realisation that incorporating meditation in any sort of lifestyle is a real boost for health at all levels. When it becomes a constant and developed part of our daily ménage and interaction, meditation brings forth positive and visible effects to our mental and physical health and wellness.

7. Sleep well and relax
Meditation can enhance the quality of sleep. In fact it makes us feel calm and peaceful. Sometimes the beginner meditators feel an urge to sleep after they have tried a few sessions of meditation. Our spiritual power is closely connected to our desire to ascend. The same desire can act as a purifier of all our activities and deeds. Depending on how intense and rapid our activities have been lately, meditation will interfere as a pace controller, influencing our sleep patterns from their roots.

8. Energy at higher levels
Meditation puts people on a unique path of improvement and learning, and also of vitality and rejuvenation. Thanks to this growing energy we feel empowered and full of joy. By ‘doing nothing’ we feel a strong sense of greatness and bliss. This is the highest gift of meditation. This energy is the most amazing source of peace and pure love. We start feeling free from attachments and conditionings that were seen as obstacles before. We tend to go beyond our ego with more understanding and compassion. We enjoy the play of life.

9. Discover the purpose of life
Meditation is the only valid instrument to understand how we work from the inside out, the why’s and how’s of our intentions. How emotions enlighten the character; how thoughts can subside; and where is the attention going. Life becomes a step by step guide to our own purpose. And meditation is the way to pave it forward.

So how can I get started?
To try meditation or deepen your experience, just drop in to the free online meditation course (available in 12 languages) or find a free local meditation class near you (available in over 70 countries worldwide).

To read more about meditation, try our Meditation Basics section of the website.




Radha aims from cozy Italy and finds Meditation in 2002. Her self discovery journey brought her to Hong Kong. Here she especially enjoyes a seaside walk with blu sky or a good hike.

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