Seven Ways to Give Joy to Children

Seven Ways to Give Joy to Children

Supporting the meditative state of our little ones is simple. Here are a few ways to help babies, toddlers and children learn and grow strong from the very beginning.

A nice massage
Children's MassageChildren’s bodies are extremely resilient. They adapt faster than we imagine. However it is important, as caretakers, to be alert about possible signs of physical and emotional stress. Today our lifestyle has become more engaged and more rapid. Children spend more time in sitting positions, which can have an unhealthy effect. Trying to recognise these signs of uneasiness and act in the best possible way is normal for any parent.

Generally a good body massage can turn out to be nourishing and calming. Children love a massage. Use a small quantity of olive oil at room temperature. It makes them feel relaxed and immediately at ease with their body, more recharged and stronger than before. Cover their back, chest, stomach, arms and legs. Within our body resides our energy centres, which protect and nourish us. When we massage our physical body, in a peaceful state of meditation, our energy centres respond naturally and open up. For example in the stomach resides the center of self-development, self-improvement, satisfaction and contentment. Massaging the physical body nourishes, strengthens and protects. And it helps our children to return to a balanced and happy state. Great for any child!

Watching fire
Little ones enjoy all the natural elements and among these the fire with its bright and scintillating qualities. If you have ever tried sitting your child on your lap and watched a flame at a safe distance you might know that the experience is one that feels quite good. The fire element acts as a purifier of excesses due to idle and passive behaviors, which can affect a child within the family and surroundings.

Feeling cool
With meditation we learn that the cool breeze around the body are general signs of enjoyment and betterment. There is a trend to be very operative and immersed in our environments nowadays. Kids are encouraged to be active and vivacious. It is fundamental to help them achieve and maintain this state of coolness and fresh joy. A very simple method we can learn through meditation is to soak their feet for a while in salty water. They can enjoy this on the seashore or even in a river, where the water is freely moving. At home use a small bucket with cool or lukewarm water. This will help to cleanse excesses of heaviness accumulated during busy days. Adults can enjoy the same as well!

Raising our energy
Raising the kundalini energy inside all of us (both children and adults) is simple and fast. It is done with the right hand open, palm upward and fingers towards the child’s body. We keep a small distance from the body and raise the hand several times following from the bottom of the spine to the head top. If you have not experienced this before, you can experience self realisation now.

Being collective
Children know very well how to enjoy the company of many people at once. They actually feel spontaneously at ease when surrounded by a great number of people, almost like a big extended family. They understand the law of harmonious relationships because they are innately guided by innocence all the time. This level of interconnection can be rediscovered and brought to light in the adult whose discretion has been already awakened through his or her own experience.

Enjoying the ground
One of the most cooling and invigorating experiences for a child can be to spend some time playing and sitting on the ground. The soothing magnetism typical of the earth element can play an important role in balancing a child’s mood. It can help to balance the innate purity of his or her own character. A child can sit and relax anywhere, on a chair or a sofa, but the most preferred place is usually always on the ground – on the mother earth. Have you noticed?

Silence is peace and peace is silence. This oasis of serenity is the nucleus we want to feed and preserve when we are drawn near a child. A meditative approach and environment are the desirable way to connect with a child because they regard silence as the best source of positive vibrations and insights. It’s considered as the core space where the values and the security of the little one can be protected. In fact this is the origin from where the development and growth of a child can reach and manifest.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article and are interested to learn more, you can head on over to the section on children and meditation.

In addition we suggest meditating with other children in small groups close to where you live. Time spent with other children meditating together can be very supportive.

Radha aims from cozy Italy and finds Meditation in 2002. Her self discovery journey brought her to Hong Kong. Here she especially enjoyes a seaside walk with blu sky or a good hike.

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