Axinia Samoilova

Author Axinia is a born Russian cosmopolitan, based in Austria. Happily married, works as a Human Resources Manager. Since 14 years she is practicing Sahaja yoga, in which she found the fulfillment of her dreams about personal and collective development. Axinia's love for beauty of Spirit manifests through her hobbies - photography and blogging. 1000 Petals

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Thoughtless awareness is a higher state of awareness which bisects the past and the future. Usually human beings are most of the time unable to enter the present because the mind is either thinking about the future or the past…

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When I feel the cool breeze on top of my head (normally I almost always feel it, but it gets cooler and stronger while meditating) it feels absolutely real like a soothing and gentle shower coming down my head, cooling my brain… So pleasant… So dissolving…

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