International Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Russia

International Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Russia

(July 31 – August 1) It was indeed an incredibly humbling experience to witness the sheer magnitude of people practicing Sahaja Yoga in Russia and experience the bliss, peace & love which flowed all around us during this first seminar in the heart of the vast Russian continent. The seminar unfolded over four days.

From all corners of this gigantic land mass the yogis came to gather. The Russian’s were indeed coming and at one point it seemed like the camp would not cope with the volume though of course it did! 5,000 yogis were expected but the final number was about 6,500 which was awe inspiring to witness and be part of. The vision of Shri Mataji of a world of brotherhood, peace and spirituality was truly manifested before my eyes and left me breathless as I began to quench my spiritual thirst with vibrations.

Old fashioned nostalgia for a simpler life seeped into my attention as the future revealed its promise. Western mores and materialism lost its grip as the only pure desire was to become one with each other and with the Divine. We were told that just 12 weeks previously there had been nothing on site which at my estimation was approximately 50- 60 acres in size. It had been covered in impenetrable forest and overgrown vegetation, having been the site of a former holiday camp (now derelict). It was an amazing testament to the local Togliatti collective that they had cleared and built the whole camp from scratch in such a short time.

It is over 10 years since my first trip to Togliatti (1996 to be precise). There are now approximately 1,000 yogis in Togliatti and over half of the city have had their Self Realization. It was foretold by Shri Mataji that this sacred place would eventually become a vibrational centre of purity & pilgrimage, a place to where all seeker of Truth would congregate to express their love and devotion to their spirit. The soft red earth is beneath our feet and the Volga flows with awesome strength and power as the Kundalini of Russia. Togliatti truly stands at the epicentre of the devotional spiritual revolution.

The qualities of the chakras are truly imbibed within the generosity, compassion and creativity which flows forth from the Russian people. They have very little but they give with all their heart. To feel inadequate and yet wholly receptive at the same time to the love which is unconditional & relentless in its depth, just like the Volga which roars like a sea and can be heard at night under a comforting blanket of stars. The landscape and skyscape were breathtaking and as the vibrations increased so did the beauty and splendour of this place. This truly felt like the centre of the universe and we were indeed swimming in the ocean love.

I urge anyone who has not experienced this level of collectivity to go to Russia next year as this is going to be an annual event.

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