Sahaja Yoga in the World Youth Congress

Sahaja Yoga in the World Youth Congress

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Musical therapist and teacher of Sahaja Yoga, Celeste Jones, attended the 2008 World Youth Congress in Quebec, Canada. Kurrajong Heights’ Celeste Jones is one of a select group of youths who met in Canada, to search for ways to combat the many crises facing our modern world.

She joined 600 young leaders from throughout the globe, to participate in the fourth World Youth Congress, “ReGeneration 2008?, in Quebec.

A total of 15,000 youths attended this year’s congress, which offers a unique opportunity to meet and work alongside young people who are really doing things and going places. The event was the largest gathering of its kind for young people taking place anywhere in the world in 2008.

They helped shape international policy by documenting and showing governments what young people are doing to achieve the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which include halving poverty, halting the spread of HIV/AIDS, promoting gender equality and reducing infant mortality.

Ms Jones, 25, who attended the congress along with a group of  5 friends, as an advocate of Sahaja Yoga. “A group of us applied as delegates so we put in our application as the Sahaja organization,” she said.

The group travel internationally teaching Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques, which promotes attributes such as inner balance, peace and “self realisation”.“It’s just a very simple meditation technique that takes a few minutes, and once you’ve learnt it you can teach anyone,” she said. “Whatever we do is always free — it’s just for other people’s benefit. We get a lot of joy out of it.”

As part of attending the World Youth Congress, Ms Jones and the Sahaja group were asked to submit a development project illustrating the ways her organisation is taking action. “We also received two requests for collaboration in community projects. At the moment we are working on compiling a database of contacts that we received, and some information to send to delegates about Sahaja Yoga activities in their countries”, said one her friends.

They planed to spend time in Rome working with Gypsies, teaching Sahaja Yoga and musical therapy, and helping them re-establish their cultural roots by empowering the youth.But the project is just one of many for Ms Jones and her friends, who have established meditation programs around the world.

“A lot of my other friends, they live in all different countries,” she said. “They organize various events and then we go and join them and do all sorts of things.”The trip to Canada was her second encounter with the World Youth Congress.

Ms Jones is a trained musician and musical therapist as well as an accomplished artist, and attended the last congress in Scotland three years ago as a cultural performer.

For the 2008 World Youth Congress Ms Jones applied as a delegate, which will gave her a greater role in the discussions and decisions made at the event.

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  • jimmy downey
    Oct 6, 2008
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    I’m studying music therapy in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I would love to hear from Celeste about music therapy and how she uses Sahaja Yoga, and if she studied under Dr. Arun Apte. Are there opportunities for Sahaja Yoga and music therapy in Canada, or worldwide?



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