Arrival of Shri Mataji in Pune

Arrival of Shri Mataji in Pune

Shri Mataji arrived at Pune-India on the evening of 21st Nov 2008 along with her husband Sir C.P and other family members around seven. Sahaja Yogis greeted her outside a terminal of the airport and immediately after the brief welcome greetings, cars left for Pratishthan (Her residence).

Pratishthan was brightly lit up and beautifully decorated with flowers lamps, rangoli and other decorative items. Little girls were sporting the typical traditional Maharashtra Navari sarees for this welcome ceremony.

Shri Mataji was looking deep into and intently at all of the yogis who were around her as if she was watching the collective spiritual health.

Subsequently, a welcome cake was brought before Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji graced and then cut the cake. It was a very joyful moment for all the people who were standing surrounding her.

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