Indialucia in Romania

Indialucia in Romania

Rall’s Agency with the support of Sahaja Yoga Romania are bringing together the two  fascinating genres: Flamenco and Indian clasical music. The internationally known music group Indialucia will give a unique performance  on Sunday, 30th of November at Studio “Mihail Jora”.

2 reputable musicians from India and 5 members of the group “VIVA Flamenco!” led by Miguel Czachowski will take the stage with more than 30 instruments.

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About Indialucia

Indialucia is a musical project, which fuses two fascinating styles of music: Indian and Flamenco music. The album expresses both the human and musical fusion of these cultures, which could have had a common ancestor. Improvisation and rhythm are the common elements in both styles and are essential to the continued existence of this music. The recordings were made between 1999 and 2004 mostly in India and Spain. Many great artists from the two continents performed. This album is the result of the years of work, which for the first time demonstrates the common elements of flamenco and its Indian roots fused into one art form.

The album was distinguished with the 1st prize “Best Album of the Year 2005” Wirtualne Gesle and 2nd music critics’ prize at the New Tradition competition for the “Folk Phonogram of 2005” award.

About the musicians

Miguel CZACHOWSKI – flamenco guitars, palmas, percussion, arrangements
Born in 1974 into a family of flamenco lovers where he was raised in a flamenco music environment. At the age of 12 he began learning to play the guitar. After his initial studies he took master classes from professional flamenco players such as Rafael Cortés, Salva del Real and Gerardo Núñez, which solidified his complete dedication to flamenco. In 1992, he formed a flamenco group gradually enlarging the numbers of the artists from a duo to septet. His group “Viva Flamenco!” plays both traditional and contemporary flamenco mixed with influences of Indian and Jazz music. Performing both as a solo artist and also with his musical group, Miguel has won first prizes in many folk festivals and is now the leading flamenco player in his country. He has performed and recorded with many great artists and groups and he concretised all over Poland as well as abroad (Austria, Germany, Italy, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Oman and India). For several years he has been teaching flamenco guitar, and writing articles and interviews, promoting the art of flamenco music in magazines as “Flamenco International Magazine”, “Jazz Forum” and “Swiat Gitary”. In 1998, after a performance in Italy, he was invited to India to teach flamenco guitar at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Nagpur. There he started studying Indian music, learning to play the sitar under the guidance of Avaneendra Sheolikar. His fascination for flamenco and Indian music inspired him to go back to the roots of the Gypsy music and record this CD.

Avaneendra SHEOLIKAR – sitar
Born in 1969 in a well-reputed family of musicians, Avaneendra started his initial training at the age of five with his father Pt. Sudhakar Sheolikar, and then under an illustrious master of sitar – Pt. Bimalendu Mukherjee. As a result of his Guru’s brilliant guidance he has developed a complete mastery over the instrument. The special feature of his performance is the disciplined development of the ragas based on melodious and rhythmical style. The depth of feeling and emotion he expresses through his music is note – worthy. He has participated in a number of music conferences in India and abroad performing in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Russia. He received numerous awards and honours in most prestigious musical competitions. Currently, he is working at All India Radio in Nagpur.

Sandesh POPATKAR – tabla
Born in 1967 he belongs to a family of musical tradition. His father and first teacher Late Pt. Shankarrao Popatkar was renowned tabla artist of India and had played in national programs of music in All India Radio. At present he is under the musical guidance of Pt. Gopalrao Wadegaonkar. In 1986 he received the prestigious Tal Mani Award and one year later he started working at All India Radio in Nagpur. In 1988 he started performing abroad as a solo artist as well as an accompanist of all forms of indian music (vocal, instrumental and dance) in England, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal.

Magda NAVARRETE – vocal, flamenco dancer
Began to sing at the age of 9 years, and now seeking continued improvement and new sources of inspiration. Past ten years, situated in the mainstream Latino and Flamenco music. Poland is the only artist who has reached peak performance in the interpretation of Bolero and Flamenco styles. He studied voice with the interpretation reputable teachers in England and the United States, such as Seth Riggs. Top artists from Sevilla – Jose Romero, Monte Cortes, Angel Carmona and Rafael Rodriguez – and were îndrumatorii in Flamenco dance and voice. Traveling in Latin America and entailed cooperation with the most famous artists of Bolero’s, as Estella del Llano and Victor Hugo. He recorded the album “Chilli” with her group Noche de Boleros.

Leszek WISNIOWSKI – flute, saxofon
Graduate of the Academy of Jazz in Katowice, flute section. Laureate of the renowned music festivals and competitions as: “Jazz Juniors” – the international competition for young jazz assemblies or start-ups (1993), Siedlce Jazz Competition (1996), the Ministry of Culture Prize (1998), “New Tradition” – Folk Music Competition , Warsaw (2001). His style has crossed the boundaries of jazz music and great sound and technique and his music have allowed collaboration with symphonic orchestras, musicians and composers of the most prestigious of the various genres.

Adam GLOSNICKI – bass guitar, tanpura
Its multiple concerns were contributing to the achievement of 4 albums in different styles, from Jazz to Flamenco. He collaborated with artists and groups such as The Deep, Pejza?, Active Jazz Trio, Patrick Brown, The United musicians Project, Eric Marienthal, Acoustic Travel, Viva Flamenco, Eliezer Mizrahi, coco, etc. Indialucia.

Dobroslaw FILIP – cajon, palmas
He explored many musical languages, and all leaving their fingerprints on his style.

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