Spirituality and movie making

Spirituality and movie making

VANCOUVER – There will be all kinds of commemorations about Edgar Allan Poe during 2009. The enigmatic and long dead American writer’s 200th birthday is on January 19.

Some movies based on the life and work of Poe have been produced for this celebration. But Vancouverite Brent Fidler’s Poe film “Last Days of the Raven” will be definitely in the center of the attention.

The film won a gold medal for Best Feature Film at the Cinema City International Film Festival in Los Angeles last October. Fidler wrote, directed and started this Vancouver-shot film which has already drawn the attention of the big studios in Hollywood. This character driven film paints a psychological portrait of the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe, exploring the extraordinary life experiences that shaped his fascinating imagination. Brent Fidler’s theater/ film company, Theater Crossing, has produced a wide variety of acclaimed productions in Canada and LA, that celebrate the subtle interaction between the physical and spiritual worlds.

"film becomes a way to bridge our differences"

"film becomes a way to bridge our differences"

As another very important part of his life, Brent Fidler is a practitioner of Sahaja Yoga. He has been practicing this unique type of meditation for several years. “As an actor it brings me into the moment and allows my creativity to remain fresh and spontaneous. It reduces thinking of the past, removes thinking too much and thus I am able to concentrate much better”, says the actor and director about the benefits of Sahaja Yoga on his creative expression.

Following is an interview with Brent, special to freemeditation.ca:

What do you want to express with your art?

To use film and television to create awareness of the spiritual side of life. the invisible connection of the unseen intelligence that is divine love. The medium of film is so powerful and global, that if we create films which transcend our differences and unite us in a unified spiritual family whose problems, joys, and dreams are basically the same, then it doesn’t matter what race or creed is presenting the story. The themes are universal to the human family, and thus film becomes a way to bridge our differences.

Sahaja Yoga shows how to "appreciate the spirit within"

"Sahaja Yoga allows my creativity to remain fresh and spontaneous"

How does Sahaja Yoga meditation help you in your daily life?

It allows me to put all my problems into perspective and not get too involved in the little dramas of life, but rather to appreciate the spirit within that helps me to witness and remember that I am the spirit. Thus having a technique that is totally naturally also allows me access anytime to relaxation, vibrations, and that sahaj life born within us.

What is you point of view about the current film industry?

I just returned from mipcom, the world’s largest sales trade forum for TV and film in Cannes, and I got to witness first hand in the palais the type of product that masquerades as TV and film content. I am not a prude but I was so disappointed that in the year 2008 we still are obsessed with ultra violent, ultra sexual and non-dharmic subject matter. And this was every country from Russia to South America to Asia. we have gone so far with this shock to the nervous system by unconscious programming, that we have become numb to films and TV projects which offer more subtle and life affirming ideas. But I am hopeful and believe that inside each of us is a yearning to return to a simpler, more vital way of looking at life.


Brent Fidler as Edgar Allan Poe

What are your future projects?

A supernatural Macbeth that changes he moral underpinning of the story and makes the witches more hands on in their prophecies. Shakespeare was a realized soul and his works are immortal because it elevated the human condition to its noblest and also because his subject matter transcended his time era.

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  • brent
    Jan 19, 2009
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    an intelligent and very well written piece. thank you so much. you are an amazing writer yourself.





  • ozge
    Jan 19, 2009
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    This is really inspiring. Thank you for the interview. Brent, you are also an amazing actor!

    Best wishes in your next projects.



  • nirmala magazine
    Feb 8, 2009
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    It’s so refreshing to read about this. And “to return to a simpler, more vital way of looking at life” is indeed the key. All the best!



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