Go Ganesha Go! Elephants For Peace

Go Ganesha Go! Elephants For Peace

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Despite the fact that the world family is growing closer and closer together in communication, love and understanding, there are still certain hot-spots on our planet that require patient, collective attention. One such healing wound is called Cyprus. In mid-January, 2009, the voices of a few international artists and enthusiastic children brought cooling balm in the form of ‘Elephants for Peace.’ This was the beginning of a world-tour art/peace project created by German artist and historian, Rose Marie Gnausch, and the Art Initiative Naturalmente RoMa.

Canadian writer and artist Edward Saugstad and his wife were honored to be present for this inauguration, to be able to share their creative talents for such a noble cause, and to meet so many local, influential people whose hearts are set on peace for future generations. The next event in Cyprus will be along Ledra Street in Nicosia on both sides of the border – May 9 and 10, for the one year anniversary of this border opening – before the growing exhibition moves on to other countries.

Article source: http://edword.wordpress.com/world-peace/

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  • Ruth
    Jun 25, 2009
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    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I have always had a fondness for elephants and a strong desire in my heart for world peace. What a beautiful way to bring forth awareness. Peace is not an obscure concept; it can be achieved through loving acts such as this. Many blessing to all involved.



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