Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes at the University in Brazil

Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes at the University in Brazil

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A bit of Shri Mataji’s magic has breathed life into the campus at the Federal University of Espirito Santo in the southeastern of Brazil.

Brazilian students have started Sahaja meditation in their university, a program approved by the headmaster of the graduate education centre.

At weekly meetings throughout the semester, there have been a variety of activities. These included video and PowerPoint presentations explaining the subtle energy centres of the chakras. This was followed by footsoaking and candle treatments as people became more established and comfortable with the meditation. And, of course, in these classes, the talks of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi are the most valuable tool.

Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-6Handouts were distributed at every meeting as a way of explaining what was being presented, but the internet was used as both a source for meditation music and as a way of showing Sahaja Yoga websites from around the world.

The classes ended with both English black tea with milk and chaí from India. A mixing of cultures was a part of the Sahaja Yoga experience. There was even meditation to the music of Mozart as well as Indian classical music.

Overall, the meditation gained good acceptance at the university. Sahaja Yoga was invited to give a meditation class for the graduation of student teachers and at a workshop at the education graduation centre.

The professors who give classes of in philosophy and history helped to both motivate and nourish the initiative of the mediation. It was beautiful. The Education headmaster even donated an eighty seat room for the meditation meetings.

Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-5Sahaja Yoga meditation at the student teaching class was also very successful. When the class started, the students had a lot of questions, but were very respectful. They got excited when they received their Self Realization, giving a loud round of applause. They even asked their professor to invite the Sahaja Yoga teachers to return. A few of them expressed interest in joining to the weekly meditation meetings. It was all a great experience and hopefully it will be repeated some day soon in other classes at the university.

At the weekly meetings, after people got their Self Realization, there was always a deeper meditation, usually followed by one of Shri Mataji’s talks. It worked well and is quite dynamic.

At one of the meetings, there were two girls who performed a presentation of Shri Saraswati. On the same day, the university’s newspaper ran a story about Sahaja Yoga meditation. Many more people came to the meetings as a result of this publicity – about sixty the following week. With additional advertising, the numbers kept growing.

The meetings are now finished for this semester. About 230 students got their Self Realization at the ten university meditation meetings.

When asked what she felt about Sahaja Yoga, Mariana Dionizio said, “It was really worth it in every single way, as meditating is different from what we usually feel in a daily life.”

“I didn’t know Sahaja Yoga before those mediations meetings,” Karolyna Aguiar added. “It was a very worthwhile experience because I felt relaxed, with a deep feeling of peace. Before the class, I felt my head was heavy due to over-studying. Listening to the music from, I felt peaceful. My attention improved a lot and I intend to carry on meditating using the same methods we learned and also with the help of the websites.”

“I went to nine meetings,” said one seeker named Ângela, “and in each of them I experienced different things. I felt my body in a way I never felt it before. I believe this is part of the evolution process to reach the higher stages of understanding.”

But it was most simply and effectively summed up by eight year old Janayna. “The heart beats faster within each one of us,” she said, “and the Kundalini rises until the top of our head!”

All this happened at Brazil’s Federal University of Espirito Santo – the University of the Holy Spirit.

Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-4 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-5 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-6 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-7 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-8 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-11 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University-12 Sahaja-Yoga-classes-in-Brazil-University

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  • Gautam, Pune
    Aug 24, 2009
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! to all who conducted meditation classes at Federal University of Espirito Santo. Infact such programs should be conducted in universities all over the globe, time has come when Young ones should adopt sahaja yoga as their life styles.



  • Pauline, UK
    Dec 26, 2011
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    What a gorgeous crowd of smiley people in the final photo’!



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