Cool Check

Cool Check

To transform society for the better by transforming the individual. A totally free self help community portal offering personal development via an online forum based around introspection and meditation. The service will encourage people to experience the emotional, psychological and physical benefits of leading a balanced life through the regular practice of meditation.


The meditation practice offers real and tangible improvements and the site will provide medical evidence of these benefits in detail. The service will be offered in multiple languages covering the developed and developing regions of the world. Effecting real change in our society often runs up against the problems of human frailty as we squabble, prevaricate and politic our way to failure. Our project aims to tackle this general malaise by correcting and enhancing core human values and conduct through an online course of meditation. In this way we hope to build a community of dynamic, balanced and focused individuals who will be effective agents of positive change across the world.

cool-breezeOur community site focuses on the growing number of young people around the world who have become disheartened by society’s drift into selfish and short sighted behaviour. Our experience has shown that the best way to improve society is to give people the tools they need to develop self awareness and emotional stability. Fix ourselves first and the rest will follow. Our project is not a traditional self-help course which relies on mental gymnastics or vague promises of self fulfillment.

The CoolCheck meditation is based on the ancient tradition of eastern wisdom and comes with a built-in set of self-verification tools to let each person monitor their progress every day. This unique practice delivers powerful and tangible results within weeks and with no expensive fees. Although the system is deliberately kept simple for young minds, anyone can benefit if they are prepared to put in a little effort.

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