Beauty, health and meditation

Beauty, health and meditation

Author: Radha So


Radha grew up in cozy Italy and is enjoying the beauties of Sahaja Meditation since 2002. She feels great when spending time with great people and hopes to meet more and more of them. She now lives in Hong Kong working with toys and video games. Nirmala Magazine

This is an experiment about how Sahaja Yoga fits perfectly with the good aspects of each cultural tradition in different countries.

We are in Hong Kong, on the third floor of the headquarter of one of the most internationally recognized brands in fact of EP, electronic products for healthy lifestyles and educational-learning purposes. A workshop named “Beauty, Health and Meditation” has been appointed by the Human Resource department for its employees in order to take a two hours relaxing break on the busy working schedule. We divide the workshop in three parts.

There are about 15 ladies attending. During the introductory first part they learn about meditation: how to put the attention inside and physically raise the kundalini with the right hand up to the fontanel bone area several times. We talk about the importance of practicing to stop our thoughts in our daily working life and give it a good try for a short while after closing the eyes. Hong Kong is a busy crowdie metropolis stretching along a really small piece of land: here the density of the population is high and so the density of thoughts circulating through the ether.


Now that we are a little bit more relaxed and mind opened, in the second part we can enjoy the guassa, a soft traditional way of massaging the skin with a natural tool, the flat shaped and polished bone of a cow. Holy cow! This is new stuff, sounds cool! I personally self-guassage my face sometimes. At contact with the skin, the bone is believed to have property of cooling down the hit of our body in the area where it is applied; great against aging signs and helpful for a soft radiant skin. It consists of an extremely gentle massage repetitively done on both the two halves of the face, with detailed and thorough movements following the curves of the skull and the sensibility of the skin. In fact in other parts of the body, shoulders and legs for example, where the skin is not too soft the friction can be done with more strength to allow the hit to come out quickly through the pores. We are ready, now it is the time for the beauty class to start and somebody -the only student man…[everybody laughing]- offers to be the model for the explanation part. In China the guassa massage is very common because of its temporarily soothing benefits. Imagine the poor manager who accumulates so much stress in his position and seeks for a few hours relax on a Sunday morning: he will go for guassa to release the blockages of hit in his shoulders, caused by the daily tension at office. Whenever a red spot begins to come up on the skin surface that means the hit is concentrated in this point and it should be let come out. Going back to our experiment, during the massage half of the face starts shining and the difference is visible against the other untouched part. All the participants are massaging their face helped by the sahaja yogini-instructor’s advices; they eventually pair up and proceed in couples with the same movements.


In the last part of our workshop another meditation session is proposed as conclusion. We raise the energy with the hand and massage the top of the head with our palms, again trying to stop the thoughts and focus on what we feel on open hands and fingertips. We explain how healthy meditation is; that we can achieve a beautiful glowing skin by meditating regularly since the soothing brain waves will induce the pores to open up and breath better. A pregnant lady is carefully listening. The atmosphere in the room is changed; everybody is smiling and seems not wanting to go back to the desks. All the presents are encouraged to meditate and introduced to the weekly meditation Sahaja Yoga classes held in different places around the city. We welcome the people; we welcome the beauty inside and outside.

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  • Jorge
    Oct 19, 2009
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    1. I believe that using a bone from a dead animal does not bring any good to the energy level.
    2. The hand massage with the palms is just using REIKI – REIKi has been developed early 1900 -almost 70 years before Sahaja. I believe that credit would be good to be given to REIKI, if you are talking about bringing different practices together to Sahaja,



  • radha
    Oct 20, 2009
    comment arrow

    Hi Jorge, thank you for your comment. The guassa is not meant for improving energy levels but only as a temporary massage relief on a body zone.

    The hand massage with palms, in a circular way, is done exclusively on the top of the head, or fountanelle bone area, from where the kundalini energy is released in form of cool or warm/hot breeze. Of course Sahaja meditation can accompany other relaxing tecniques (like guassa in this case) but its effects are not just temporary, because they last and get empowered along the time by regular practice. For this reason Sahaja meditation is unique in its genre.



  • Jorge
    Oct 20, 2009
    comment arrow

    Hi Radha,

    Related to guassa I am not talking about improving energy level. What I meant is that using a bone from an animal that was slaughtered does not bring any good to the energy the body needs. I would choose a polished stone instead, as shamans do.

    I have been practicing Sahaja for a while so I know all the steps involved. And also a REIKI practitioner, that is why I know from inside what similarities could be with Sahaja when using hands to clear out chakras, as an example, or massaging the seventh chakra (or fountanelle area)

    I understand that not knowing REIKI, it seems difficult to relate one to the other.




  • admin
    Oct 20, 2009
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    Hi Jorge,
    Thank you for your comments.

    Practising a technique for a while in this case Sahaja Meditation is not enough to compare it to another technique. There seems similarities in using hands but the essence of these two techniques are totally different. Thus this doesnt mean to provide a credit.

    Our aim is not to start a discussion but it is up to the individual to find the best spiritual technique for their ascent and seeking. We cannot suggest anything but Sahaja Meditation on this.

    You will find more information regarding REIKI and Sahaja yoga Meditation on the following link:
    Sahaja Yoga and Reiki

    Warm wishes



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