‘Music of Joy’ Concert and Meditation in Vancouver

‘Music of Joy’ Concert and Meditation in Vancouver

An early Christmas treat for the whole family!

Come and enjoy a spiritual and uplifting combination of Indian Music and Meditation performed by the Music of Joy music group and presented by Sahaja Meditation at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House in Vancouver.

Music of Joy is an introduction to a deep spiritual experience of Self Realization which awakens an individual’s own connection with real peace and joy from within. Based on Indian artistic expression, the evening program consists of “bhajans” – traditional, devotional and blissful music dedicated to awakening eternal and universal principles common to all human beings.

Music of Joy and Sahaja Meditation both draw upon the spiritual teachings of the founder of Sahaja Yoga. Since 1970, Shri Mataji has given the experience of Self-Realization all over the world and always free of charge. Sahaja Meditation is practised today in over 80 countries worldwide.

Join us:
On Sunday December 6th, from 3PM to 5PM
5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver (location and map)
For more information call: 1 866-850-YOGA

Admission is free, although seating is limited, so coming early!

Music of Joy Music Concert and Meditation in Vancouver, December 6th 2009

Sahaja Meditation is always free and offered by experienced instructors.
Music of Joy is also possible with thanks to support provided by VND Educational Society, a BC registered not-for-profit Society.

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  • dilia ozawa
    Nov 27, 2009
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    May i sit down, and wish you all :

    “A Happy Holidays” Your Music is One of the Best gifts for us!



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