Meditate to Regenerate – Youth in Action

Meditate to Regenerate – Youth in Action

10 youth from 10 different countries have gathered in  Istanbul, Turkey for the 5th WYC (World Youth Congress). For 3 weeks they showed what meditation is all about. The first two weeks were spent at the UN and Peace Child sponsored World Youth Congress at Yildiz Teknik University where they met 1500 delegates from 150 countries who are also working to meet the Millennium Goals. In the last week, they all were sent out into different areas of Turkey with their “family” groups for “Action Projects.”

Throughout the congress, the participants enjoyed the music and meditation workshops, stage performances and daily morning meditations. One young woman come after the workshop and said, “I cannot believe how well it worked. I was really surprised because in the past few days I have been very busy and having a lot of stressful thoughts, but now I feel so calm inside.”

Let’s hear what these young meditators are saying:

Like we said, its simple. We want a better world, and not in the dreamy wishful-thinking sort of way, but in a real, concrete, tangible way. In some way or another, all of us have found that meditation has improved our lives. Whether the differences are mental, physical, or emotional, they are there. Life is just better with meditation.

You can find more info at their web site:

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