Ready to Love: Interview with Stefano Poli

Ready to Love: Interview with Stefano Poli

Author: Karuna Starzacher
Karuna Starzacher is actually a bowen therapist in London, UK. She grew up in Austria and Australia and has been living in Scotland and England for the past 10 years. Karuna was introduced to Sahaja Yoga by a friend, – “It was the most amazing experience, with each meditation more and more of my questions about life and spirituality dissolved. I spontaneously knew all the answers from somewhere deep inside myself.”

Stefano Poli, a musician, an actor, a writer of poetry and prose..

In his own words, Stefano is involved ‘in different fields of art to find the connection with the spirit and allow inspiration to flow’

Situated in the lush green countryside of Italy, close to Rome and to the sea, Stefano is currently adding the finishing touches to a book he has been working on for some years. It is essential for him to express his art without compromise, hence he makes his living as a restaurateur of antique furnitures – a family occupation of many generations before him.

Please enjoy Stefano’s unique style of music here on His latest CD “Ready to Love” was recorded in July. ‘Various types of music come together; pop, dance, classical, rap, rock.’ All music and lyrics written by Stefano, his wife Vera featuring as vocal artist and co director. Stefano works with an international group of musicians all of whom ‘wish to give joy’ to the listeners. “Sahaj Collection” is a compilation of the best songs from the past 10 years.

Stefano Poli – Shine

from the ‘Ready to Love’ Album

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Stefano, could you please tell us about yourself, your career, how you came to be a musician and writer?

Rather than speaking about myself, I would prefer to say something about my vision of art.

In the beginning my artworks were expressions of some intellectual fashion or of a feeling of separation and despair. Afterwards, setting out on a spiritual adventure, I have finally been privileged to know Sahaja Yoga, a method of meditation that brings a breakthrough in the evolution of human awareness, which was created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and has since spread all around the world.

After receiving my “self realization” and the experience of “vibrations” – a feeling of cool breeze on the hands when experiencing something that is true, auspicious, or inspiring – I found my artwork changing, as I have been reaching a far greater understanding of the deepest aspects of art.

Knowledge of this cool breeze and its inspirational power, can be found in various religious scriptures from throughout history. It has been called Ruach in Hebrew and Muslim texts, or ‘the cool breeze of the Holy Spirit’ in Christianity. The notion that art can give a spiritual experience is the core of Zen Buddhist Art, to aid contemplation and meditation and ultimately experience what has been called the Yugen (mystery).

My artworks today are the struggle to capture insights of undiscovered dimensions, unraveling the mysteries that can feed the spirit and raise it to new, fulfilling heights.

What is your personal vision of music?

For as long as music has been part of human life, mankind has acknowledged the powerful connection between musical experience and that ineffable sense of wonderment we call the Spiritual. When we listen to inspiring music, we feel a kind of inner thrill in our entire existence as it climbs up into something beyond. This Beyond is constantly trying to help us, guide us and shape us into our true and inmost Self.

Music can play an effective role in helping us lead better, fruitful lives; but music itself must be in tune with the Spirit. How can we know which music is in tune and which isn’t? After Self Realization, you can hold your palms out towards the music you are listening to, and if you feel cool vibrations, then that music is in tune with your Spirit. If you feel heat or tingling, then it is lacking in those qualities. Of course, there can be many shades in between, but once your Self Realization is established, your hands will tell you.

Stefano Poli – Cogli l’attimo

from the ‘Ready to Love’ Album

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How would you describe your unique style of music?

My music is the outcome of the artistic and spiritual collaboration with numerous friends who practice Sahaja Yoga, born from the desire to make songs uplifting and meditative, which soothe the mind and open the heart.

I would describe it a powerful and delicate blend of pop, jazz, rock, ethnical and classical music, played by musicians who share the same journey into the subtle regions of the human spirit.

I understand that thoughtless awareness is an important aspect of sahaj meditation. How do you achieve thoughtless awareness and how does it influence your music, writing, your life?

Sahaja Yoga gives you a deep connection to this eternal power, to the intrinsic part of the human being that can cross all boundaries. The enlightening and nourishing effect of the Motherly energy that resides in our sacrum bone awakens the latent qualities of our inmost self, and the inner folds of our awareness. In meditation I get in touch with this source of inspiration, which discloses to me revelations of the invisible beauty hidden within all of us.


from the ‘Sahaj Collection’ Album

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Is there a message you would like to convey to your audience about art?

What is it in an artwork that enables it to transcend the limitations of the culture in which it was created, giving it a universal appeal? What is the mysterious quality that enables it to move audiences so powerfully hundreds of years after it was produced? In my search as an artist I discovered that this quality is connected to the universal source of energy, which makes flowers bloom and gives life to every person: the power of the spirit…

To me Shri Mataji is a very special person, for she opened my inner eyes into a new awareness, and gave me the means to enhance my life and art. I would say that she is my spiritual and artistic mentor. She is an extraordinary spiritual teacher, which every person should have the chance to encounter!

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