Invitation to Experience Meditation in London, ONTARIO – CANADA

Invitation to Experience Meditation in London, ONTARIO – CANADA

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London, ONTARIO – CANADA – On January 19th , 2013 Sahaja Yoga will launch a free five week meditation program for all people interested in learning how to meditate. Participants will be given the tools to start 2013 in a positive way, by learning a form of meditation that promotes healthy living through mental silence and relaxation. Four experienced practitioners will offer their knowledge of exercises and treatments, while musicians will support the program with their performance of Indian Classical Music.

At the classes, participants will be guided through a meditation to experience their own energy channels, chakras and kundalini energy. Musicians will support the program with music designed to enhance the meditation experience. Learning how to meditate during this five week intensive program will provide participants with techniques to focus on the present moment, thereby changing their state of awareness. When that occurs, a calm, peaceful feeling is experienced. “Innately within us resides the spirit,” says Nobel Peace Prize nominee Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Sahaja Yoga founder, “which wants to enlighten you to give you the peace, the bliss and the joy of our being.”

Saturday morning sessions will begin at 10:00 a.m. and are hosted by the Downtown Yoga Holistic Centre from January the 19th until February the 16th. All sessions will run for approximately two hours at 236 Dundas Street in downtown London. Interested participants should visit to register online.

Since its inception in India in 1970, Sahaja Yoga has grown with free classes being held around the globe in over 80 countries. In Canada, free classes have been offered across the country since 1978 and in Ontario since 1982.
To register online, visit:

For more information on Sahaja Yoga visit
or contact: Andrew Tyas
[email protected]

Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Educational Society/Sahaja Yoga International is a world-wide non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and spreading the art of meditation around the world as well as to provide education on our collective spiritual roots. The principles on which Sahaja Yoga International is based are morality, spirituality, mutual help in our evolution, search for truth, and healing our problems using our inner potential on an individual and collective level. Free classes are offered throughout Ontario. Information on locations and times can be found on our website:

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