Music and Meditation Night at Hong Kong Central Public Library

Music and Meditation Night at Hong Kong Central Public Library

This coming Sunday, the Hong Kong downtown area in Causeway Bay will certainly bathe in a cool and refreshing river of vibrations. Sahaja Yoga in Hong Kong is delighted to invite all of you to the presentation of this musical meditative event at the Central Public Library.

Music is a universal language that transcends all cultural barriers. Not only does it bring us joy and happiness, it can also help to relax us and recharge our subtle energy system within. By enjoying melodious and rhythmic traditional Indian and multi-cultural songs and dances, you will experience true harmony and yoga’s peaceful state.

The performing group is comprised of local Chinese and residents from Australia, France, Belgium, Italy and UK, etc. Their music takes their audience of all ages on a cultural and spiritual journey. The Indian musical instruments they use include the harmonium, tablaa, dholak and percussion instruments. Western instruments such as flute and guitar will be present as well.

There is no need for reservation. If you are located in Hong Kong, for enquiry, please call 51 808 808 or email [email protected]. See you then!

Sahaja Yoga (Hong Kong) Centre


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