Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation App

Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation App

The new Sahaja Yoga India App offers a variety of features suitable for all levels of experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Easily accessible on mobile devices, these features help support an effortless state of meditation achieved through Sahaja Yoga techniques. These tools also aim to support the establishment of regular, daily meditation practice.

This in-pocket Sahaja Yoga resource is complete with ten classes, guided meditations, meditation music and Sahaja Yoga knowledge. Users can find instructions for balancing and cleansing techniques at their fingertips, as well as a search tool for Sahaja Yoga classes running worldwide. Tools on this app help to keep one’s attention focused on the meditative state throughout the day, thus deepening their Self Realization and the awakening of the Kundalini energy.

Some of the app’s features include:

  • Progressive guided meditation sessions for beginners with ten classes (with content from
  • Meditation music to support your meditative state
  • Videos for enhancing your knowledge of the subtle centers and channels
  • FAQs on meditation, chakras and finding health and balance in your life

This free app is available now via: iTunes, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

It has been developed by Sahaja Yoga volunteers in Chennai, India.

For more information about Sahaja Yoga in India you can also visit:
Sahaja Yoga India or Sahaja Yoga Tamil Nadu.








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  • michele
    Dec 10, 2014
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    Why is it called meditation YOGA?


    December 13th, 2014

    Dear Michele,

    it is called Sahaja Yoga, meaning Spontaneous Yoga. It’s a yoga that allows whoever practices it to become more spontaneous and therefore act in a very loving way. One of the main qualities brought to us through this yoga is the ability to become thoughtless.

    Hoping to have answered your questions, feel free to ask more questions,
    best wishes,



  • ian
    Dec 22, 2014
    comment arrow

    I download this app on my low end Andriod phone. It worked perfectly! Not only I have better understanding of Sahaja Yoga, I can practice it much easier with music and the built in 10 classes. I can also review and check information any time I want!



  • Yogi
    Mar 27, 2015
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    thanks for the wonderful app. It is a wonderful resource for daily meditations. I would like to give few suggestions on Meditation music section. I really like the music. but it stops after some time and then you have to replay it. Is the music actually based on the same ragas as mentioned in Music therapy section?Other thing that would really help is, if we can have more soothing music to start with for a longer time to help with meditation and then the fast music with tabla, takes over. Currently it turns to fast music pretty soon . But thanks again to the team, for all the effort that was put in the app and keep it up! It really helps !!



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