Musical Enlightenment, Burlington, Ontario — Canada Culture Days 2015

Musical Enlightenment, Burlington, Ontario — Canada Culture Days 2015

Join Burlington Ontario for Culture Days at the Civic Square beside Burlington City Hall, 426 Brant street the entire weekend starting Friday September 25th from noon until 8pm for a FREE musical enlightenment collaboration. The city sponsored festivities kick start on the Friday with live musicians playing international beats which appeal to the global citizen in everyone! The whole day is dedicated to spiritual evolution, the yoga, achieving a connection and then balance within our higher selves. Yoga actually does not translate as fitness. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “connection”. It is a living experience that can be achieved just sitting in a chair or on Mother Earth. A guided meditation with enlightened music will elevate the joy of the spirit all day long. Internationally famous singers Timothy Bruce of England and Marie-Joelle Van Der Burgt of Holland will be performing Songs of Innocence, William Blake inspired poetry, and Mother Earth inspired music. They will join a large cast of yogi musicians and celebrate singing Songs of Life.

Visit the India tent on the Friday and learn about and experience free chakra workshops, energy balancing, learn about your chakras or energy centres and how to heal them, work with clay in the kids tent, receive a henna tattoo on your hands, learn songs, and meet with celebrated artists who emit and exude the light of the spirit through their art. Find out how these local and international artists continue on their journey living in the present. Discover the realized souls gallery featuring enlightened personalities and quotes throughout the history like Einstein and even Yoda. Feel the vibrations emitting from the images and find out why and how you can also emit beautiful vibrations too. Some helpful books will also be available as well as realized souls throughout the event to offer self-realization and chakra workshops at every booth. Come and find out how to develop your own ‘”vibrational awareness”.

You can find English actor/singer/writer Timothy Bruce performing on Friday September 25th from 12 to 8pm at the Civic Square beside Burlington City Hall at 426 Brant Street. On Saturday September 26th and 27th, he will also join in for Shri Mataji Day and Breathe with Mother Earth from 10 to 1pm at the Gazebo at the bottom of Brant Street. He will be surrounded by many more musicians who have found truth, consciousness and bliss, expressing their creativity through their voices and instruments. The music celebrates our connection with Mother Earth, our true connection to everyone and everything, and the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji, who was the first enlightened person to give self-realization, the yoga, en-masse. Today many thousands of yogis are empowered to pass this light on to everyone like the ripples in Lake Ontario and beyond. It is a living experience activated within us that gives us a sense of inner peace and tools to deal with our busy, sometimes stressful lives. Most surprisingly, it gives us the added bonus of shining eyes and joy as this energy is awakened through a spontaneous mechanism built within us.

Marie-Joelle will also perform duets with Tim along with many of her hit songs. She is one of the collaborating musicians who recorded the music CD Breath of Life along with Timothy Bruce, Yoann Freget (winner of The Voice in France, who also performed in Burlington at Sahaja Yoga public programs), and others. Breath of Life CDs will be available at the event. The entire weekend is free to the public. Culture Days in Burlington 2015 will be making history by incorporating enlightenment in the form of joyful, musical, public programs and acknowledging the value of achieving the state of inner peace for a more balanced, happier existence.

Celebrate life, culture, music, joy of the spirit this weekend in Burlington!


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