March of the Penguins a Family Friendly FREE Event – Burlington, Ontario

March of the Penguins a Family Friendly FREE Event – Burlington, Ontario

On January 30, 2016, the public is invited to a FREE public program entitled March of the Penguins at the Burlington Senior Centre Auditorium from 2 to 4pm.

This Climate change event features a presentation by Calin Costian, President of the Centre for Evolutionary Learning and a meditation to connect us to Mother Earth. Calin was recently involved with the international Climate Change conference in Paris. He visits Burlington all the way from Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., is a Wellness Ambassador at HP and has provided informative and interactive programs for large corporations all across the globe. Many international corporations have benefited from the research and seminars he has shared and whole heartedly endorse this scientific yet simple approach to re-establishing the higher human connection in a collectively conscious method.

It is a family friendly event, where we will see what penguins have to say, sing or dance! A meditation program projected onto the Eiffel Tower in Paris, titled 1 Heart 1 Tree, will be shared, with additional surprising twists. The audience will learn to connect to Mother Earth, as aboriginals have called her, and self-cleanse with Sahaja Yoga simple techniques. This can easily happen while enjoying the presentation in a chair. Of course others, may prefer to sit on the floor, if they are more comfortable.

March of the Penguins is the kick off point for a monthly Climate Change (show you care) Program series which will demonstrate how We Are One and transform us from a local to a global personality who can effect change in our neighborhood and abroad. Many ECO teams from Halton schools have been invited to participate in this community event that promises to change the way we approach our materialistic way of life. Youth are the future ambassadors for inner peace and living in harmony with nature.

Leaders from the community of Halton, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and other areas have been invited to this very important community program. We can all work together, no matter what age, to raise the awareness of human beings and realize that our potential to influence and change the world for the better, is within our hands. Everyone is welcome to join us, from near or far! The March of the Penguins Climate Change Event is a FREE public program, but spaces are limited.

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