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How can a mother transfer to her newborn baby the love of the Mother Kundalini?

0-2 years old is the transition time between the state of the womb to the state of the world. The baby is following the rhythm and natural characteristics of his mother, who is the most important person during their first two years. She is the one who is putting him on the path to a well‐grounded foundation.

The baby’s character, personality and perceptiveness are developed during the first 2 years of age. Therefore this is an ideal time to support their growth and create a bond of security between the maternal power of the Kundalini and the world that the baby is growing up in.

Raising Baby’s Kundalini

If your little one cannot sit by himself, lay him down on his back and raise his Kundalini over him. Otherwise, sit behind him as in the picture below and raise his Kundalini from behind. You can sing the following song to make it more fun for baby.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one.
Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two.
Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two, three

(The Kundalini is also referred to as a Mother energy because she takes care of us and give us joy and peacefulness).

Giving Protection to baby

The second step is to give a baby a layer of vibrations that will provide him protection. This protection is known as “bandhan”. Imagine drawing a rainbow with your right hand from the baby’s left hip, over the top of his head and down to his right hip and back again. Back and forth is considered one time. Just as there are seven colours in the rainbow and seven chakras in the subtle system, you do this seven times to give baby a full bandhan. You can sing the names of each chakra if you like:

Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Nabhi &Void, Anahat, Vishuddhi, Agnya, Sahasrara.


Daily Massage

In this session you will learn how to massage baby’s chakras. It is very important to start baby’s day with a nice and gentle massage of his chakras. There are 7 chakras that are located in the spinal cord. Each of them has a special qualities that are activated when you massage them the proper way.

Baby should be lying on his tummy :

– Pour a few drops of baby oil over his back

Steps to massage each chakra:

Each of the chakras are located at different points along the spinal cord. See the diagram on the right to get an idea of their relative locations. When you are massaging a chakra, press on it gently on baby’s back with your right hand and rub in counter clockwise circles.

1. First chakra (Mooladhara or root) massage:
repeat 4 times.

2. Second chakra (Swadhistana) massage:
repeat 6 times.

3. Third chakra (Nabhi or stomach) massage:
repeat 10 times

4. Fourth chakra (Anahata or heart) massage:
repeat 12 times

5. Fifth chakra (Vishuddhi or throat) massage:
repeat 16 times

6. Sixth chakra (Agnya) massage:
Massage the right and left temples with counter clock‐wise circles to bring down the ego and super ego.

7. Seventh chakra (Sahasrara or crown) massage:
Massage the fontanel bone area with liberal amounts of baby oil.

A daily habit of raising baby’s Kundalini, giving bandhan and massaging each chakra is a beautiful and enjoyable way to establish a bond between you and him. After this session you will notice your baby is more relaxed and tranquil. He will start to develop vibratory awareness as his Kundalini gets stronger. You may also notice improved blood circulation, less colic and gas and better sleep patterns. We recommend giving baby a chakra massage in the morning and again in the evening every day. The evening massage will help baby settle down for the night and have a restful sleep.

Here is a fun story you can tell baby while giving him a chakra massage:
When the Mooladhara chakra is being massaged, you are drawing a sky‐rocket on planet Earth. This rocket will be launched towards the farthest planet in the Universe.

As you massage the Swadisthan chakra, the sky‐rocket is being launched towards the planet Mercury. As for each successive chakra the rocket is visiting Jupiter (for the Nabhi), Venus (for the Anahata), Saturn (for the Vishuddhi) , the Sun (for the Agnya) and finally Pluto (for the Sahasrara).


Parents and infants build good habits

In this session we will show you an example of a daily spiritual routine using the magic of love.

Morning meditation

Sit on the ground in a comfortable position. Raise your own Kundalini and give yourself bandhan. Then raise baby’s Kundalini and give him bandhan.

Meditate by keeping your attention on your Sahasrara chakra. If any thoughts come into your attention, just let them go. Your meditation may be short because small children are active and they can only to put attention on one thing for a few minutes. You can hold baby’s attention longer by singing some songs to him. Here are some songs you can sing:

Wake up little boy.
Wake up little girl.
It’s time for meditation.
We hope you have slept very well through the night.
It’s morning meditation.
Our Mother is waiting – joyful and bright ‐ to give everyone of us her morning light.

Dear Mother Kundalini, Kundalini, please come up, please come up, please come up.
Mother Kundalini, Kundalini, please come up, and open up my Sahasrara.

Uppy, uppy, uppy, Mother Kundalini, one.
Uppy, uppy, uppy, Mother Kundalini, one, two.
Uppy, uppy, uppy, Mother Kundalini, one, two, three
Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Nabhi, Void, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Agnya, Sahasrara

Every time you meditate the Kundalini of you and baby will become stronger.

Experience the benefits of the bandhan

It is very auspicious that you protect your baby and yourself by raising your Kundalinis and giving yourselves bandhans before leaving your home. Doing this will strengthen your vibrations and will attract positive energy to yourself when you are outside your home.

Enjoying time in nature

When you go for a walk try to expose baby to nature and be sure to explain the importance of Mother Earth for us.

Sing short melodies and dance together

We hope you enjoyed learning about Sahaj meditation for babies. In the next chapter you will learn about how to continue meditation with 2-4 years old.

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    June 23rd, 2014

    Dear Mona,

    when a baby does not sleep it is very likely that the parent(s) have something which subtly bothers the baby. First perhaps consult a doctor to figure if your baby eats properly and have everything on a physical level, that he/she needs. The baby may be too hot at night for example.

    The best treatment is for you to be at the center, footsoak everyday and meditate.

    Warm regards,



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    My son is 22 months old. Since age of 4 months diagnosed with Infantile spasm. For couple of months he was off seizures, but now again he is having problem. His developments are delayed due to this problem.
    Can you advise some thing for him


    June 27th, 2015

    Hello Vrunda,

    raise his Kundalini and use small candle from the back of his head to his left side and mooladhar for a few mins. Make sure Kundalini flows from his head. This treatment can be applied for you as well. Ultimataly footsoaking.

    Let us know how it goes,
    warm wishes



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