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Awakening Your Child’s Kundalini


After you have experienced the Kundalini awakening, it will be fabulous to share this experience with your child and give him the chance to awaken his Kundalini too.

What is the Kundalini?

You can tell your child that everybody has a spiral energy called Kundalini that looks like a golden star inside of us and it is located in the lower part of his tummy. The Kundalini is very friendly and intelligent because it knows us very well and takes care of us like daddy and mommy do. Meditating with the Kundalini is the most beautiful experience that Mother Nature can give us.

Please follow these steps in order to awaken your child’s Kundalini:

Meditation Step 1Once you have explained what the Kundalini is, please invite your child to sit quietly near you on the ground (or in a comfortable chair if you prefer) and ask him to put is palms on his lap.

Meditation Step 2Ask your child to put his right hand on his heart and say this wish out-loud 3 times:

“I am the spirit”

Meditation Step 3Now ask him to put his right hand on the top on his head and move his right hand clock-wise seven times and say the following wish out-loud 7 times:

“Mother Kundalini, please wake up and take care of me.”

Meditation Step 4When you finish ask him to put back his right hand on his lap and be quiet for a bit so the Kundalini can start rising.
To finish ask your child to put his left hand on the top of his head keeping some distance from the head and ask him if can feel a cool breeze coming out from the top of his head. Then ask him to try with his right hand. Does he feel a cool breeze there too?

Now your child’s Kundalini has awakened. If you want to repeat the exercise you are welcome to, however it is not necessary once it has been done once. You need to meditate daily to nourish the Kundalini and keep it healthy.


Daily Meditation

In this session you will learn how to meditate with your child. But first we invite you to read these two links first: What is Meditation? and Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Here is how you can explain to your child what Sahaja meditation is about:

Sahaja MeditationIt is time to play with my spirit

Meditation is the time to be with your spirit and nourish the energy you have inside of you. For example, when we are hungry our tummy is telling us to eat food. So we eat and we feel happy, satisfied and have energy to play. We need to do the same thing for our spirit. We need to nourish it and feed it with a daily meditation.

How to do it?

In the morning when you are calm and quiet you can sit down with your mommy or daddy to enjoy the spirit inside you. For that let’s start with a 7-minute meditation. You can to the meditation any time of the day however we advise you do it soon after you wake up in the morning, and again before you go to bed at night.

Meditation Step 1Sit quietly on the floor or in a comfortable chair. Then put both palms on your laps.
Then raise your own Kundalini. Now follow this same procedure on your child to raise his Kundalini. While you do so, you can sing the Kundalini song to make it more fun:

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one.
Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two.
Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two, three

Meditation Step 7The next step is to ask your child to do layer of vibrations that will provide him protection. This protection is known as “bandhan”. Imagine drawing a rainbow with his right hand from his left hip, over the top of his head and down to his right hip and back again. Back and forth is considered one time. Just as there are seven colours in the rainbow and seven chakras in the subtle system, your child should do this seven times to do a full bandhan.

Meditation Step 11

You and your child can sing the names of each chakra if you like: Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Nabhi &Void, Anahat, Vishuddhi, Agnya and Sahasrara or you can sing a colour of the rainbow for each bandhan: “orange rainbow”, “yellow rainbow”, “green rainbow”, “red rainbow”, “blue rainbow”, “white rainbow”, “all the rainbows”! (These colours are the actual colours of each chakra).

Now both can close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and if any thoughts come in your attention, just let them go by saying “Kundalini, please take these thoughts away for me”. Enjoy this silence for a few minutes.
Now you can ask your child to say the following wishes out-loud:

“Mother, please help me love everybody”.

When you are ready open your eyes and finish the meditation by raising your Kundalinis and giving yourselves bandhans.


The Subtle System – My body and me

In this session your child is going to discovery the magnificent of his subtle body. For that we are going to guide you through each component of the subtle system. First we recommend you read the following webpage called The Subtle System.

Subtle system

Here is an explanation of the subtle system for your child.

My Tree of Truth

Inside your body is an invisible tree that we cannot see with our eyes but that we can feel. This tree is called the Magic System (subtle system) or you can also call it the Tree of Truth. Let’s explore the 3 components of our Magic System.

  1. Inside of us there are three channels of energy, the sun channel, the moon channel and the lotus channel. The moon channel is located along the left side of our body and controls our feelings. The sun channel is located along the right side of our body and controls our actions. The lotus channel is located along our spine it controls time.
  2. We also have seven flowers (or energy centers) starting from the bottom of our spine all the way to the top of our head. Each of these beautiful flowers has a special quality and super powers that you can feel when you meditate. These flowers have a particular way to communicate with you. They send messages to your hands because each finger has a relationship with them.

    In the following chart you can see the names of each flower, its quality and relationship with your hands.

  3. At the bottom there is a very important place where the golden star (Kundalini) is sleeping. When we ask the golden star to wake up it goes to all the 7 flowers and opens them up and when it reaches the top of our head a beautiful lotus is opened up and we can feel it like a cool breeze with our hand if we check it.


Parents and children build good habits
Meditate 1
Meditate 2
Meditate 3

This session is especially for you and your child to enjoy the love that Sahaja Yoga brings to your life. Here is a spiritual routine that you can do anytime with your child.

Sahaj Technique

We highly recommend cleaning the chakras of your child each day by foot soaking . Read this link to get familiar with the technique: Chakra cleansing techniques.

Here are the items you need to get:

Foot soaking

  1. A chair
  2. Towel
  3. A plastic bucket
  4. A jug
  5. Salt

How to do the foot soak

You can do the foot soak treatment anytime of the day, especially if you feel your child is a little big down, tired or very active and restless. We also advise doing the foot soak before your child goes to bed.

Fill the bucket with enough water to cover the ankles. You can try using lukewarm water if your child is a bit down or tired. If your child is very active and restless use cold water. However, the most important thing is that the temperature is comfortable.

Fill the jug with water.

Add two handfuls of salt to the bucket. The salt water used for soaking the feet is particularly good for cleansing the Swadhistana, Nabhi and Void chakras.

Ask your child to sit in the chair, raise his Kundalini, give a bandhan, put his feet in the bucket and meditate. During the foot soak keep your eyes open so that your chakras have a complete cycle to clear out.

To make this experience enjoyable you can sing this song. As you sing the song make clock-wise circles around your chakras. This helps them to clear out more quickly. Remember to start cleaning your flowers from the bottom to the top of your head.

Foot soaking

Around and around, the negativity is gone.
and around and around, the negativity is gone
and around and around, the negativity is gone.
My Mooladhara is clear.
Around and around, the negativity is gone (repeat 3 times)
My Swadisthan is clear.
Around and around, the negativity is gone (repeat 3 times)
My Nabhi and void
Around and around, the negativity is gone (repeat 3 times)
My Anahata
Around and around, the negativity is gone (repeat 3 times)
My Visuddhi
Around and around, the negativity is gone (repeat 3 times)
My Agya
Around and around, the negativity is gone (repeat 3 times)
My Sahasrara
and all the Chakras are clear.

Then ask your child to be keep silence for some time so the Golden Start or Kundalini will star raising and cleaning each flower.

When you are ready to finish the foot soak, rinse your feet with the clean water in the jug and dry them with a towel.

Finally, ask your child to raise his Kundalini and give a bandhan.

Please pour the water from the bucket into the toilet and rinse the bucket with fresh water. We also recommend to use the bucket and the towel exclusively for foot soaking.

Experience the benefits of the bandhan

benefits of the bandhan

It is very auspicious that you protect your child and yourself by raising your Kundalinis and giving yourselves bandhans before leaving your home. Doing this will strengthen your vibrations and will attract positive energy to yourself when you are outside your home.

Enjoying time in nature

Enjoying time in nature

When you go for a walk try to expose your child to nature and be sure to explain the importance of Mother Earth for us. This time is also perfect to sit on the Mother Earth and meditate.

Sing short melodies and dance together

Sing short melodies and dance together

You are welcome to get music from our Sahaja music for children website. All of the songs on the site are designed to strengthen your child’s Kundalini and improve their meditation.

Here are two songs that you can sing when you sit to meditate with your child.

Open up your hands and feel the cool…
Open up your hands
Open up your hands and feel the cool vibrations.
Open up your hands and feel the love.
Our Mother’s love is there for all of us.
Open up your hands and feel the cool…
Open up your hands and feel the cool vibrations.
Open up your hands and feel the love.

Our Mother’s love is there for you

and you and you and you and you
And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of us.

Mother Kundalini

Dear Mother Kundalini, Kundalini, please come up, please come up, please come up.
Mother Kundalini, Kundalini, please come up, and open up my Sahasrara.

Good night yogi child
Goodnight, little yogi child.
Another day with Mother, so sweet and mild.

Goodnight, little yogi, sleep
And rest now little raindrop in the ocean deep.
Goodnight, sleep well
Goodnight, sleep well, yogi child, little child

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