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sahaja yoga and art

Sahaja Yoga Meditation gives you the highest possible access to the state and the source of inspiration and enables you to live in the flow of inspiration.

In addition to the intrinsic value of the practice to anyone pursuing creative work, Sahaja Yoga Meditation actively promotes the development of the arts in a number of ways. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has initiated numerous projects in the arts, which include:

  1. An international academy to promote classical music, classical dance as well as fine arts and crafts.
  2. An international theatre company, the Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV), whose international cast and crew have successfully toured throughout Europe, Australia, Israel, India, Canada and the US.

Marianne Zaleski Greece

I have lived in Athens, Greece for the last 23 years where I found Sahaja Yoga and received my Self-realization. In my search as an artist, I discovered that there is an invisible world inside us all. By using color (which is a visible vibration) and Sound (music) I became conscious of a whole new language (vibratory awareness) and the affects there-upon my Subtlr – Nervous System. By using a very detailed and mi-nute (mosaic in style) technique, I enter a form of Meditation; and then a state of thoughtless awareness. Thus I am able to create works of art based on truth, beauty, and purity. My inspiration for painting comes mainly for my love and pursuit of music. Visit her web site!

Beverley Budgen Australia

The sustainability of Beverley Budgen’s art career in undeniable. The power of her artwork to intrigue and excite the mind, soothe the soul and nourish the spirit is equally undisputed.

Her engaging themes reflect, like many women artists before her, the richness of her surroundings, the love of family, travels to distant ports and palaces, with dashes of the magic found in Mother Nature. Visit her web site!

Ubiracy Nobrega Brazil

Ubiracy Nobrega is a graphic designer, painter and sculptor from Sao Paolo, Brazil. He enjoys collecting and using wood, tree bark and seeds for his projects, which include mandalas. He sculpts with polymer clay and creates art pieces with recycled industrial equipment.

Visit his web site!

Graham Brown United Kingdom

Born in the United Kingdom in 1967, Graham spent his early years in East Anglia, Canberra and Sydney. He studied Architecture at Sydney University, where students were actively encouraged to pursue fine arts courses.

Graham has been based in Sydney since 1998, where he works as an architect and painter. His work is represented in various private collections in Australia and overseas. Visit his web site!

Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV) International

Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV) was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Meditation and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, in May 1996 in Gent, Belgium. It was created to be and certainly still is a bold and unique experiment in international theatre; theatre intended to touch hearts and minds, and affirm the fundamental values of human life.

From the beginning, the aim of those involved with TEV was to develop productions beyond cultural, racial and national boundaries. A testament to this is the group’s membership which is currently from more than seventeen countries. This international cast has chosen to focus on creative interpretations of classic western theatre, but has also written own plays. Through these plays they have sought to present the universal teachings and wisdom that have rediscovered through introspective meditation. Each production has been a magical experience as the varied voices of the cast have come together in harmony. Watch their latest play! Visit their web site!

Caroline van Dijk Netherlands

As an artist Caroline specialized in making portraits. She makes portraits in clay and bronze as well as paintings.

"I get inspired from the universal source of energy which makes flowers bloom and gives life and energy to every person. The power of the spirit. People who are balanced have a shining face. I try to convey this in my works of art. I think quality is more important than quantity. Every order will be made in consultation."
Visit her web site!

Brigitte Saugstad Austria

Born in Vienna, Austria on January 15, 1960. Trained as professional figure skater in childhood and then went on to ceramic art.

"My intense experience as a figure skater and my extensive involvement with Indian culture have been the two most prominent influences in my artistic expression. I strive to bring out flowing movement from the formed clay, fascinated by the strength, innocence and the surprising outcome of the process and material.." Visit her web site!

Phillip Frankcombe Tasmania

"Mother Nature has a universal appeal, an eternal presence and power that is so close and embracing, an intrinsic part of the human being that can cross all boundaries.

These earthly and spiritual elements may give the viewer a distinct and familiar link to this subtle energy, to show our privileged but humble position within this surrounding beauty of Mother Earth.

The calm moonlight on water and the fragrance of flowers, the light of the sun revealing the land’s bountiful generosity, colour, air and space – Her gifts." Visit his web site!

Pedro Ruiz Colombia

Pedro Ruiz was born 1957 in Bogotá, Colombia. He is known in Las Americas (North and South America) for his strong painting nuances, an always modern technique which never regrets primordial and native aspects or concepts like innocence, nature, sensibility to the human conditions and relax. Visit his web site!

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