Rumi and the Sufis Poetry Event

Share… We have the pleasure to announce a Sufi poetry event in the Washington D.C. metro area that celebrates the spirituality expressed in the sayings of Sufis from Persia to India. The event on Oct 5th at the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center in Chantilly, Virginia, is dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja […]

Meditation: A Natural and Spiritual Path to a Healthy Life

Share… We were born smiling. Well, maybe not exactly, but babies do smile a whole lot. It comes to them naturally, but somewhere down the line, things change. We begin to think, form ideas and react. We lose the smile fairly quickly. Stress kicks in, and we forget our inherent state of silence. We forget […]

India comes to Helsinki on August 16th at Savoy Theater

Share… To celebrate 25 years of Sahaja Yoga in Finland, and exactly 25 years from Shri Mataji’s first visit to Finland (to the day!), we have organized a weekend of meditation, togetherness, self-realization events and cultural activities from August 15th to 17th 2014. The main events is a big concert with numerous performers at the […]

Guided Meditation MP3 Giveaway #4

This is an audio guided meditation from Features an interview with Shri Mataji from London 1989…

5 minute Guided Meditation

5 minutes guided meditation

Sahaja Yoga Helped Me To Quit Smoking

Before starting Sahaja Yoga, I used to be always irritated and short tempered. Now, I am totally peaceful and I have to make an effort to get angry. The transformation is really amazing…

Sahaja Meditation is priceless!

I have been using this website’s online meditation courses and both the iPhone and iPad app for over a month now and finally, I am meditating! I started “meditating” several years ago only to learn that I was just practicing relaxation techniques, which are still good, but it’s not meditation…

Silence Your Mind – A Practical Guide to the Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Silence Your Mind is also a practical guide that shows how people of all ages and all walks of life can easily integrate Sahaja Yoga Meditation into their daily routine and find effective relief from mental overactivity, stress and other health issues such as ADHD and asthma.

Free ‘Heritage Month’ Meditation Event in Burlington, Ontario

A free event sponsored and organized by Sahaja Yoga Meditation – a not for profit organization and partner of UNESCO Centre for Peace – in response to the invite received from The Burlington Heritage Committee to actively participate into the series of public events organized across Burlington during February – the Heritage Month in 2013.

Invitation to Experience Meditation in London, ONTARIO – CANADA

On January 19th , 2013 Sahaja Yoga will launch a free five week meditation program for all people interested in learning how to meditate. Participants will be given the tools to start 2013 in a positive way, by learning a form of meditation that promotes healthy living through mental silence and relaxation. Four experienced practitioners will offer their knowledge of exercises and treatments, while musicians will support the program with their performance of Indian Classical Music.